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William Marston developed his DISC model through his book Emotions of Normal People. William Marston’s book does not give a behavioral assessment instrument for determining one’s behavioral style. Dr. Tony Alesandra develops such an instrument for one to use, assisting individuals, and teams into understanding how these behavioral styles may adapt to promote effective communication. The developing of a professional development plan (PDP) ensures that individuals of a learning team hold a tool for assessing the individual member’s skills, strengths, areas of improvement, and the resources necessary to help these individuals reach their goals. The PDP ensures that a learning team can work together efficiently, and assist the leader in leading the team.
Professional Development Plan
Jerad Davies is the leader of Learning Team C for Organizational Leadership. Lena Moore, Michael Paulley, Nicole Presser, and Paul Frisbee also exist as members of Learning Team C. All members of Learning Team C have taken a DISC behavioral assessment. Jerad Davies processes a dominance style, with sub-style of a producer (Alessandra, The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment for Jerad Davies, 1996-2010). Paul Frisbee also has a dominant style, and a sub-style of producer (Alessandra, The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment for Paul Frisbee, 1996-2010). Lena Moore possesses a predominantly cautious style, with the sub-style of the perfecter (Alessandra, The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment for Lena Moore, 1996-2010). Nicole Presser has a predominantly interactive style, with the sub-style of the impresser (Alessandra, The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment for Nicole Presser, 1996-2010). Michael Paulley also has a predominantly interactive style, but with the enthusiast sub-style (Alessandra, The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment for Michael Paulley, 1996-2010). Understanding each member of learning team C’s principal behavior style, with sub-style allows one to formulate a professional development plan that ensures that members can effectively work together, and develop the highest level of leadership.
Dominance Behavior Style
Possession of a predominantly dominance behavior of style shows an individual who prefers an environment that is fast in pace and has orientation toward goals. These individuals like to solve their problems by charging headfirst. The positive aspect of the dominance behavior style is the ability to get things done, take charge, and make decisions. The negative aspect of the dominance behavior style is that these individuals tend to fear losing control. When they feel stress, individuals with a predominantly dominance style have a tendency to become dictatorial in their behavior. Individuals possessing this dominant style must work to reduce conflict and increase harmony with other members through recognition of the other person’s behavioral style, and including other...

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