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Table of Contents___________________________________________________________PageINTRODUCTION 3PERSONALITY TRAITS 4ANALYSIS 6COMMUNICATION 8RECOMMENDATIONS 9CONCLUSION 10REFERENCES 11INTRODUCTIONDiversity is a challenge that has the potential to be either a positive or a negative influence on a team. In order for diversity to have a positive effect on our Learning Team, knowledge must be combined with action. Teams that capitalize on diversity are more efficient and effective, and team diversity is a way to view a project from many different ways. There are many types of diversity that can impact the effectiveness of a group. We will discuss personality traits from the DiSC Profile Assessment of our Learning Team and relating those assessments with our lectures and reading assignments. In addition, we will provide some recommendations for the improvement of our Learning Team's behavioral styles.PERSONALITY TRAITSTeam DiSC Style ChartStudent - Primary Style - Secondary StyleTodd Hart - (Ic) Interactive (Impresser)Bonnie Heavener - (Ic) Interactive (Impresser)Danielle Taylor - (Sd) Steadiness (Go-Getter)Skip Mellinger - (Di) Dominance (Adventurer)The chart above represents data pulled from each member of the team that took the DiSC Self Assessment test. The DiSC test defines four styles of behavior and categorizes them as follows:*The Dominance Style (D Style):The Dominance Styles are forceful, take-charge people: direct, decisive, determined...and often domineering*The Interactive Style (I Style):The friendly, enthusiastic Interactive Styles want to be in the middle of the action, whatever and wherever it is.*The Steadiness Style (S Style):Easy-going and slower-paced, they believe in self-control and tend to follow the rules.*The Cautious Style (C Style):The Cautious Styles are results-oriented problem-solvers - but in a quiet, low-key way that's less likely to ruffle feathers.Looking at the Primary Style category above in the Style Chart, we can come to understand why our team works well together. The majority of the team shares a common interactive style that allows us to work together in an open, friendly environment. Such an environment allows for an easy avenue for discussions and is not hindered by an overly dominant member.One thing to note in a team environment where each member is interactive with one dominant member is that there is no driver steering the course of the team. A lack of diversity within the team can have a "single-minded" approach towards tasks being managed by the team. Within the Style Chart above you will note the Secondary Styles present for each member. Again, here we have an unbalance with one member that is a "D" style, two members are "C" Styles and one member has a "I" style among the team. This is an important thing to consider because the Secondary Style tends to come out after the Primary Style has proven itself inefficient when encountering an obstacle within the team environment. In essence the Secondary Style...

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