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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment PaperThere are many behavioral styles throughout the world. Many people possess many different behavioral styles with which allow the world to work fluently with different types of people and cultures. In our learning team we have examined our own behavioral styles and compared our behavioral styles. In this paper we are going to explain each person's, on the team, individual behavioral style, discuss the pro's and con's of each behavioral style on the team, and talk about the effectiveness of each behavioral style on the team.Individual Behavioral StylesThere are five behavioral styles in our group; each one of us possessing a different style. We have Michele, the impresser, Layne is the assessor, Kelli is the enthusiast, Tony is the producer and Cameron is the helper.Michele is considered as an impresser which is located under the interactive style. According to the DiSC Platinum Rule Assessment, "the goal that motivates her is to win with flair. However, she does not want to win at any cost or hurt others feelings. Taking shortcuts seems like cheating so she avoids such behavior. She can become impatient with those who procrastinate about getting started. At times, she can get so involved with getting a job done that she stretches the truth a bit." For the most part, we can see most everything the assessment explains in describing her behavioral style. School and grades are very important and she wants to win each class by achieving an A but she would not do so at any cost and she would do everything possible not to hurt the feelings of someone else to achieve that goal. She does not like to take shortcuts. She will take the long way around things if need be just to make sure it is done correctly and successfully. She is impatient with others who procrastinate about getting things started. This is apparent in the team meetings when others on the team are not moving as quickly toward the project as she thinks they should or the portions of the projects others are responsible for are not done in a timely manner. She does get very involved in the work and has a hard time stopping once getting started. She must complete one thing before moving on with another.Layne is considered as an assessor which is located under the cautious style. According to the DiSC Platinum Rule Assessment, "the goal that motivates him is accomplishing goals with excellence. As a quick thinker, he can deal with many inputs simultaneously; however, he may be slow to take action. The nickname of "Assessor" is based on his evaluative approach to people and tasks; he tends to have strong opinions about people and groups with whom he does not identify or agree." Layne does accomplish the goals on the team with excellence. He strives to improve the team in whatever way he can by completing projects on time, attending the meetings and offering his opinion and advice.Kelli is considered as an enthusiast which is located again under the interactive...

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