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Routine Discharge Methods: A Nursing Problem

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Review of Research Literatures
Identify Nursing Problem
Consequence Inadequate Discharge Teaching
According to Bobay et al. (2010) the routine discharge methods that are generally used in many care facilities create gaps in communication between the patient’s perception of the need for discharge education and their health care providers (p.179). Mesteig, Helbostad, Sletvold, Rosstad, and Salvedt (2010) confirmed “ despite a seemingly well-organized system for cooperation between the GEMU (geriatric evaluation and management unit) and the primary health care, unwelcome incidents occurred in roughly 60 percent of frail elderly patients during transition from hospital to home and four weeks of follow-up.” (p.1). Bobay et al. (2010) state that one-third of the older adults in the United State encounter re-hospitalized within 30 days because of inadequate discharge instruction and teaching (p.178).
Many of these problems occur because of a “lack of patient and family caregiver readiness, poor discharge transition coordination, and unsuccessful coping with the demands of daily [life]” (Bobay et al. 2010, p.179). This study makes it clear that elder adults will be at high risk for the consequences of inadequate discharge teaching and will face an increase of multiple co-morbidities, impaired mobility, and cognitive impairment and health deficits.
Assess Clients’ Barriers
McBride and Andrews (2013) elaborate on the importance of nurses assessing patients’ barriers in-order to engage them in the purposeful of discharge teaching (p.20). Although there are many resources implanted in acute health care systems to make discharge teaching effective, the health care providers must continue to assess the obstacles and barriers to provide complete discharge planning. Patients who are assessed earlier for any problems or obstacles of understanding their discharge teaching and who are provided with interventions, have a lower chance of being readmitted.
Lo, Stuenkel, and Rodriguez (2009) describe that many patients have a limited education which makes understanding the discharge information difficult (p. 160). This study argue that twenty percent of the population read at or below fifth-grade level and this challenges patients comprehending following-up the instructions after discharge (Lo, Stuenkel, & Rodriguez, 2009, p. 160) The study further explains that “ethnicity, race, and languages all affect a patient’s connection to health care providers”. People for whom English is a second language or non-English speakers are less likely “to understand information either spoken or in writing from the physician” (Lo, Stuenkel, & Rodriguez 2009, p. 160). Acute care centers that practice family and patient centralized care and that implement multicultural and multidisciplinary discharge planning, prevent health complications and reduces re-hospitalization. One must understand that providing a multicultural patient care center will promote patient...

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