Effective Discharge Teaching For Nurses Essay

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One must understand that patients who are prescribed warfarin are at a high risk of bleeding. According to Sanderson et al. (2009) “many patients were unable to link known risk factors as contributing” to DVT to their therapist (p. 25). Although patients are admitted for major lower extremity surgeries, some of these patients also have chronic diseases, such as cerebral vascular accident (CVA), coronary artery disease, diabetes, cardiac, renal disease, and obesity and might take a complex medication regimen. Therefore, these patients require a major understanding of detailed discharge education of medication regimen, side effects, and interactions to prevent them from suffering complications. Furthermore, Campbell and Selton (2010) claimed that patients mostly misunderstand the interactions of some foods that are rich in vitamin K with warfarin (p. 373). Most are unaware of the consciousness and complications foods that are high in vitamin K brings to their current health status. Clinents also lack the knowledge of the need to adjust their warfarin dosing and monitoring of the International Normalization Ratio (INR) level. Although nurses do give a quick verbal instruction such as, informing patients to immediately report to provider if they observe bruises on skin, excessive gum bleeding or blood in urine, patients fail to fully understand the danger of taking anticoagulants medications. Campbell and Selton (2010) explain that patients’ discharge teaching about the complication of warfarin is inadequate and “ failure to follow prescribed medication, and simple lack of understanding Coumadin therapy often results in re-hospitalized soon after discharge”(p.374). The research further confirmed that since “Hemorrhagic complications occur in up to 30% of patient who receive anticoagulant therapy” (Campbell and Selton 2010, p. 373), the health care provider must amplify the discharge teaching and consider it very seriously. In their daily routine nurses mostly fail to teach the patients their disease complications and medication treatment and reaction due to limited time spent with each patient and the limited availability of organizational resources (Campbell and Selton 2010, p. 374). Since there is a high incidence of bleeding with patients on warfarin, nurses must give instructions regarding food to medication interaction, medication to medication, and changes of lifestyle. Also patient must be informed of the need to tightly control the INR by consistently following their schedule to have their blood work done on a weekly or monthly basis to monitor the therapeutic level. In addition, patients must be instructed to understand the importance of adjusting the dose to prevent high incidence of a bleeding complication.
Questioning Patients’ Readiness to learn
Bobay et al. (2009) explain that the degree of effective discharge teaching is associated with how ready and knowledgeable the patients are to learn about their disease and...

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