Discipleship In Mark's Gospel Essay

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Discipleship in Mark's Gospel

In the world today, discipleship in Mark’s Gospel is being used as a
guide to the modern disciple. The disciples in Mark’s Gospel are good
role models for Christians today. Disciples were taught to care for
one another and always put others before themselves; this is reflected
in Christians today. An example of a disciple like this is Bob Geldof
who is a good role model who helped raise money by using his talent
and the talent of others. Another example of disciples like this is
the organisation Amnesty International who together fight for the
rights of others.

In the calling of the disciples Jesus chose twelve men, he did not
chose men of status or wealth he chose men with faith. This is
reflected in modern Christian life how we too can be called into
religious order or priesthood, we all answer a call at baptism to
become a Christian, a disciple of Christ. In this we have to be a good
role model to all Christians, in doing this we can do simple things
like praying or going to mass and fulfilling the command at the end of

In becoming a disciple there is sacrifices to make, they had to leave
their family/ friends all material possessions and give up any wealth
or power. The disciples were sent on their journey to carry out three
duties they were; preach repention, drive out evil spirits and to
anoint people with oil and heal them. The mission of the church
remains the same as the mission of the twelve, many people still go
out and preach. Organisation throughout the world continue to go out
and care for the sick, feed the hungry, fight against injustice and
preach the message along the way. Examples of these organisations are
Trocaire, Red Cross and Tear fund.

Many individuals go out of their way to make a difference by giving up
their life to help and support those in...

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