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Discipline Investigation Essay

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In a Business Major there are several concentrations of study that include every aspect of the business world. We are constantly in contact with somebody that has been educated in one of these concentrations when dealing with our bank, cell phone provider, local seven eleven or the sales person that sold us the shoes we’re wearing. The following are the concentrations for the undergraduate San Jose State University Business Major: Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and International Business. Business Management was an obvious choice for me, since most of my working experience right out of high school was in supervisory positions in the Manufacturing Industry (Electronic Assembly) and managing repair shops of Shell and Chevron service stations in the Automotive Industry.
I do have an idea of what this field entails because of my past experience; I also understand that there is still much to be learned. At this point of my education, I’ve earned my Associate degree which gave me a taste of most of the Business concentrations in Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneur, Business Management, and Business Finance. The Business degree can open doors to various types of jobs depending on the concentration of study and it can also increase your employment opportunities as well as salary. According to the United States Labor Statistics:
Accounting has a pay range of $37,337 - $51,837: Accounts Payable $26,439 - $35,862, Accounts Receivable $25,504 - 35,006, Acquisitions Tax Manager $105,000 - $115,000, Agency Underwriter $37,935 - $48,415, Appraiser $60,834, - 94,665 (Labor).
According to PayScale: a Stock Administrator’s median salary: $94,228 and with further education for example, with a Bachelor's Degree median salary: $86,025 and for a Stock Plan Administration Manager the median salary: $110,550, Senior Stock Plan Administrator
the median salary: $94,228 (PayScale Inc.).
These are just a few jobs the Business Bachelor degree can qualify you for, and there are many other positions that were not listed. Of course, wages vary from city to city and state to state.
I will be conducting an informational interview with Miss Aimee Talbert, who is of the same business discourse community I intend to join. The information I will acquire from her will give me insight of what it actually entails to seek and obtain employment in the field of business. This will be beneficial to me personally and to my education. Furthermore, this interview will hopefully leave me with a new contact and an opportunity to practice my networking skills.
Miss Aimee Talbert started her career as an Executive Assistant fourteen years ago making fourteen dollars an hour with required overtime. She worked for Neo forma Inc., a company who provides supply chain management solutions for the healthcare industry. She worked hard and it paid off for her in the form of promotions and raises. She was first promoted into the accounting...

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