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“Robust knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.
Robust knowledge is defined as an authentic and solid idea, which is usually related to the truth. This brings, reassurance and certainty to many. In various areas of study, research is done to prove its accuracy, and authenticity to validate any conspiracy or theory. But, just how much can we trust all this research if there’s other research that has been done to prove the previous ones wrong? For a while people share a common view, in other words agree to the research. After a while people have different opinions or a different perspective on the research and disagree to it. As humans, consensus isn’t always attained without anyone disagreeing. However, many perspectives usually lead to a greater idea. For instance, in the areas of history and natural sciences this is evident. Natural sciences, many ancient theories have been outdated due to disagreements which led to new and recent theories that are considered as accurate. Or, in history where disagreement and consensus of a past events pursuit a better understanding of the cause of the events. Therefore, to come up to a coherent conclusion in both areas it is essential to examine both sides. Although consensus and disagreement may lead to new and better innovative ideas, they can also create confusion.
Today, science and technology are no strangers. Many new theories and observations have been proven due to the technological tools in the laboratories. Robust knowledge in the field of natural sciences comes from the intuition and creative imagination of scientist to disagree to ancient theories and come up with new and current concepts. Is it certain that disagreement aids the pursuit of knowledge? Yes, according to researchers at the university of Edinburgh “Disagreement is the key to understanding the existence of rival research programs at any given time in science.” A doubt in a scientific concept leads to various new findings, observations which all enrich our knowledge. For many years, the cause of malaria was determined through the word itself “mala-aria”, the belief was that the virus spread due to bad air. Until scientists did more research and discovered malaria parasites. Which changed everything; to the discovery of areas gravely affected, to antibiotics to take to kill the parasite and ways to prevent the disease. All of this was possible, from a simple disagreement which led to a common consensus of the cause and symptoms of malaria. However, many scientists decline that consensus is an element in science. “if it’s consensus, it’s not sciences, if it’s sciences it’s not consensus.” (Micheael Crichton). Science makes progress because there’s disagreement. But it’s hard to understand because facts are facts, therefore how can scientist disagree to basic evidence? For example: European for Nuclear Research (CERN), has completely gone against Einstein theory of...

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