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DISCIPLINING THE DISCIPLINARIAN 1Disciplining the Disciplinarian:A Parenting Class on Child Discipline and Stress ManagementMasele IveyWRI 1200 Research, Argument, and WritingSeptember 9, 2012Professor WilsonAbstractChild abuse is a very serious and real problem in the United States with nearly 3.3 million reports of abuse submitted to Child Protective Services in 2010. Statistics show that an estimated 81% of the perpetrators were parents. These figures prove that a course of action needs to be taken to remedy the alarming rates of child abuse in this nation. Therefore, a proposal to set forth a change in policy should be made by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under Child Welfare Services and shall be sponsored by the National Mental Health Alliance. The proposal presented will federally mandate a weeklong parenting class called "Embracing Hands" that will target expecting parents, whether biological or adoptive, to discuss various methods of child discipline and their associated effects on the child, as well as, learn techniques of stress management. Under the guidance of this weeklong program, can parents learn about appropriate disciplinary practice from highly trained professionals and receive answers to his or her questions. This program will be immensely beneficial to future parents and the well-being of America's children.Disciplining the Disciplinarian:A Parenting Class on Child Discipline and Stress ManagementAccording to Child Maltreatment 2010, "an estimated 3.3 million referrals, involving the alleged maltreatment of 5.9 million children, were received by CPS agencies." There were 436, 321 substantiated reports filed to Child Protective Services (CPS) for child abuse and neglect. Of these reports, more than a third of the victims were under the age of four-years old with the majority of abuse occurring in children under the age of twelve-months old. "Eighty-one percent of the victims were maltreated by a parent either acting alone or with someone else" with mothers accounting for whopping 37.2% and fathers following at 19.1% (Child Maltreatment, 2010, p. 23). Numerous studies have confirmed that child abuse later leads to "low self-esteem, a lack of self-control, higher levels of aggression and violence, academic and vocational problems, depression, alcoholism, interpersonal problems, and increased likelihood of abusing their own children" (Shannon, 2003, p. 1). In order to significantly reduce, or even cease, these child abuse rates, all parts of the issue need to be scrutinized with a magnifying glass and tackled with a solution.Studies have confirmed the effects of child abuse, but identifying to what extent corporal punishment impacts the child's internalized and externalized behavior is of particular interest. Therefore, are spanked children at higher risk for developing mental illness? While there have been many studies conducted on the effects of corporal punishment; at this time, there is no causal link...

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