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Students whether they are in kindergarten, high school, or college all value technology, not only in their own personal lives but in their school and when they learn (Swan and Hooft 653). All learners want technology integrated into their schools to make for a more diverse learning experience throughout their schooling. All levels of students want the learnings and lectures to be more challenging, with meaningful instructional activities that require multiple technological aspects (653). Most students do not like the way many teachers are currently trying to integrate technology because the tools and approaches the teachers are using are not the ones that the students use or have found on ...view middle of the document...

It allows students to expand their learning to more of what they like and more in depth, rather than what the teacher likes (654). The partnership for 21st Century Skills says, “Core subjects should include twenty-first-century content, that they should be taught and learned using twenty-first century tools in a twenty-first century context, and that learning should be measured using twenty-first century assessments” (654). They also stated that students need to learn how to “appropriately use digital technology and communication tools to access, manage, integrate, and evaluate information, to construct new knowledge, and to communicate with others” (654). The leaders, along with many teachers, believe that classrooms should not be seen as places of isolation with resources that are limited, but rather as a door that is opening into a world with resources that are plentiful and with connections to the outside world of information (654). After a student’s years in school they have to be able to function in a high-tech society. To let current students function in such a society, they need to be taught not only how to use them and how to use them correctly, but in meaningful, efficient, ethical, and safe ways.
The big picture is having schools completely integrated with devices such as tablets, laptops, and phones. These devices lead students to expand their knowledge to boundaries the student or their teacher had no idea was there. These devices are not bound like books, so they can hold more information and student materials than any book or book bag. They can hold quizzes, worksheets, videos, and walkthroughs all in one place, which is always a few clicks away (Borja “Reviewing E-Books; The Benefits and Drawbacks of Virtual Textbooks").
Instead of banning devices and restricting the use of them, schools need to experiment and implement technology into classrooms. Students need to be able to use whatever technology they feel will help them get the best grade the student can achieve. The technology integration programs implemented by schools currently are working wonders for teachers and students. The research shows improvement in test scores and overall GPA. Schools eventually are going to have to implement technology due to the increase in use outside of schools; kids are using technology more and more for their education outside of school. Why not implement it into their everyday school schedule? Especially when as technology increases in proficiency and effectiveness, jobs use of that technology increases as well. Students are not prepared to use the advanced technology needed in and are not meeting their own...

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