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Discourse Markers And Their Functions In Khorramabadi Variety Of Lori

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The aim of this article is to investigate the frequency of DMs in the speaking of two groups of teenagers and adults. Two groups of teenagers and adults were randomly selected to this aim which their age ranges from 20 to 23 for the first group and 27 to 30 for the second. The selection of the participants was based on the point of comparing the frequency of the use of DMs between the group of teenagers and adults.

The instruments applied in this study were clearlyan audio recorder by which the speakers’ voice was recorded in a high quality for more and precise investigation concerning the use of DMs. This audio recorder recorded the voices of ...view middle of the document...

The calculation showed there were about 8840 totally (the exact number of words said by the speaker was not clear). In this study only one possible DMum, was the target for investigating the frequency of DMs usage in speaking. The rationale behind this point was that because the speakers were not supposed to have a conversation and their speaking was a kind of monologue. So, the researcher only focused on the use of the above-mentioned DM (um). It is worthy to say that for being sure about the results the researcher had to listen to any conversation separately more than once and also another party was called to listen to the conversations and the number of DMs used in conversations for more certainty. At the end, the conversations were listened by researcher and assistants for the use of DMs and their functions (notablypolysemuos functions). The different and possible polysemous functions of DMs were controlled and some examples with their translations in English were presented and explained from corpora in depth.

Table1. DMs and their frequency
The number of
occurrence DM “Kha” DM “da che” DM “um”
Speaker 1 8 3 3
Speaker 2 6 2 5
Speaker 3 5 4 3
Speaker 4 7 4 2
Speaker 5 4 1 6
Speaker 6 6 3 5
Speaker 7 8 2 5
Speaker 8 7 2 4
Speaker 9 5 3 6
Speaker 10 4 4 5
Speaker 11 5 3 4
Speaker 12 7 1 5
Speaker 13 6 2 4
Speaker 14 5 1 3
Speaker 15 8 1 5
Speaker 16 6 2 6
Speaker 17 4 1 6
Speaker 18 6 3 5
Speaker 19 6 2 4
Speaker 20 5 1 3
Total number 118 45 89

The results revealed the three selected DMs frequencies, and what here is worthy to mention is that the functions and possible polysemous functions of each DM calculated together, further analysis in detail will be showed in the examples of different functions of these DMs in different situations with different intends.
This DM has at least three functions in Lori dialect,...


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