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Discourse: The Balance And Recognition Of Change

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Discourses may be defined as socially constructed and recognised ways of doing and
being in the world, which integrate and regulate ways of acting, thinking, feeling, using
language, believing and valuing”
(Lankshear, 1994, p. 6)

Discourse can be considered as a standerdized approach to thinking, a sort of social boundary illustrating what can be taught about specific topics. Discources affect our veiws and diffrent discources can put a diffrent perspective on the same issue or topic. It is imposible to escape discourses ecspecially in relation to education. To put it another way; the chosen discourse expresses the vocabulary, interpretation and style in which a person communicates e.g a teacher to their students.
Adopting a critical perspective in relation to discourse in education is vital, As it offers an important means to analysis complex educational problems in which form the basis of making educated professional judgments.

There are four main types of discourse realted to education in schools ; these are academic rationalism which focuses on teaching students to learn placing a specific importance on building intelectual and cognitive skills such as litracy and numracy. Social and economic efficency which places great importance of producing studnets that better society. Child centered which focuses on creating an enviroment where children can reach their full potenial and make the best of all oportunities that come their way. Also Lastly, social reconstruction which spcifically looks at brinigng about social reform.

Throughout history is easy to see the discourses used and how they effected the students in schools. History shows that the veiws of scoiety especailly those in which held power to change or influence schools largly decided in whcih discourse a school operated as. In the 1850's to 1900's history shows that schools mainly operated under the discourses of academic rationlism and social and economic...

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