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Discover Engineering Essay

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The Engineering Profession
What is an Engineer? An Engineer is someone who develops solutions to a problem or innovates it. There are four majors in Engineering: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.
What types of work do Engineers do? Engineers develop solutions to a technical problem by applying the principles of science and mathematics. Civil Engineers work on making plans for buildings, roads, tunnels, dams, etc., then supervise when it is being constructed. Electrical Engineers research, design, develop, and test electronic equipment. Mechanical Engineers design and manufacture machines using the principle of materials, energy, and ...view middle of the document...

It can also be used for communicating and seeing what the other person is showing you via some camera. The connection I think there is between the Aerospace and the technology of virtual reality is that we can use it for simulating some training using something like the Oculus Rift and then recording your actions to correct your flaws. It can also be used as a HUD in some kind of ‘Special Training Helmets’ that you can wear and it can be a personal assistant when you're in training.

About The Author
The reason why I picked this profession is because I like how we are now able to travel in air using aircraft and soon we will be traveling outer space, so I really thought about what new flying vehicles we will have instead of just flying cars, airplanes, zeppelins, etc. The median annual wage for an Aerospace engineer is $97,480. The minimal requirement for a Entry level job is a bachelors Degree, which takes 4 years, and knowledge on Mathematics(Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus) And Science(Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). The University I might be going to is Air Force Institute of Technology, which offers a master’s degree.
In General, An Engineer specializes in finding solutions to any technical problem, for example, a Civil Engineer will work on making buildings, roads, and other common structure, safer, durable, and inexpensive to construct.
The reason why people think of the Engineering as a stealth profession is because when people think about engineering, people think engineers work on engines, I thought that too, but I know what engineering is about now. Engineers work in making solutions to a problem and most of the stuff around us once had a challenge for them before having a physical form. I think scientists discover things and...

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