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Discover The Engineering Profession Essay

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Engineering is to invent something new or to innovate something. Engineers think creatively, they work on problem solving, they work with other people like them, they inspire other people, they design and create things that matter. Engineering has four main major disciplines.
The Engineering Profession
Engineering major disciplines are, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineering. According to DiscoverE, a website that makes educates the public with engineering information, a chemical engineer thinks of new innovative and creative ways of producing goods, for example, “chemical engineers design environmentally-friendly cleaning products, develop ...view middle of the document...

” According to DiscoverE a mechanical engineer is “often referred to as the general practitioners of the engineering profession, since they work in nearly every area of technology, from aerospace and automotive to computers and biotechnology (DiscoverE).” According to DiscoverE some of the projects a mechanical engineer might do are “Design “smart” toys for kids, develop cars that are more fuel efficient, produce hypoallergenic air conditioning for hospital operating rooms, create prosthetic hands that allow a person to type and write, build aerospace vehicles to trek across planets and moons collecting samples. (DiscoverE)”
My Engineering Profession
According to The Career Cornerstone Center, a corporation that manages this resource for those exploring career paths in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine, computer engineers “research, design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacture and installation of computer hardware, including computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment such as keyboards, routers, and printers.” According to Williams Olmedo computer engineering is an extension of electrical engineering because at the beginning both require the same study but at some point they separate. He also said that the relationship is that both engineers try to power a device. The Greatest Achievement website the first computer was an “Altair 8800’ it was not a minicomputer, a term normally reserved for machines many times as powerful. Nor was it easy to use. Programming had to be done by adjusting toggle switches, the memory held a meager 256 bytes of data, and output took the form of patterns of flashing lights.” According to Williams Olmedo the major engineering discipline used to create the computer was electrical engineer.
The Grand Challenge
There are many challenges in the computer engineering profession. One example is to make solar energy economical. According to NAE Grand Challenges For Engineering, a website where a committee of leading technical...

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