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Discover The Intricacies Of Agoraphobia Essay

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Among the many diseases in this world, some of the most interesting and least understood are illnesses of the mind. One aliment in particular, Agoraphobia, is of particular interest to me as it affects many of my family members in ways both subtle and drastic, and I cannot help but wonder if I too will fall victim to it. I know from previous knowledge that this particular ailment is a mental one, though I have witnessed it causing drastic physical symptoms, and that it generally involves a fear of leaving home for an open, public place. Through research, I aim to find the cause of agoraphobia, including anything that predisposes one to it, and treatments for it, including both medications and therapy. I would also like to know just how much of this disease is genetic versus learned. In the end, I hope to answer my questions and discover the intricacies of agoraphobia.
My research process began like any other, a thousand questions and a blind dive into the unknown. The first step I took was going to the professor recommended database, NCLive, typing in “agoraphobia,” and seeing what articles resulted from that. From there, I fine tuned the search options, blocking outdated sources and ones that were not peer reviewed, until a reasonable amount of articles remained. I found many of these articles to be useful, though I ultimately I narrowed it down to three because many sources were too narrow to answer more than one of my questions. Medical research papers and regulations were of use to me in particular, as they offered a straightforward answer in regards to what processes are involved in the treatment of agoraphobia. There were of course a few of articles that served to be counterproductive to my research, as the information they offered was so heavily weighted with technical jargon that I had no hopes of understanding without going to medical school first.
Aside from written, digital sources, it was required of me to conduct an interview for this assignment, something that I at first was weary of, but was ultimately glad I did. I first had to decide on to whom to interview, and I did so by first asking myself what I wanted to know more from a real person, and what would be easier to find out from a real person. This essentially boiled down to talking to either a doctor about treatment or a patient about how the disease is truly experienced. Eventually I chose to do the later, because finding medical papers was relatively easy, but finding out the real difficulties of the disease was something that was too personal for most scientific sources. I chose to interview my aunt, Linda Pistole, as she out of all of my family had the worst case of agoraphobia, and contacted her through a simple phone call. She agreed to the interview and arranged to answer my questions over lunch at her house the next day. I conducted the interview rather cautiously, as I knew it was a difficult topic, so gentleness was key. Tape recording was out of the question...

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