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Learn To Share, "Can You Keep A Secret" By Sophie Kinsella

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What is the meaning of honesty and why do people lie sometimes? Isn’t it because they are not satisfied by themselves and want to be someone else? But when it comes to a relationship, you have to be yourself, otherwise you can’t be sure if people would like you just the way you are. Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella is a novel about relationships, honesty, and trust. The main character in the novel, Emma, just found out that the stranger, she told all her secrets, is her mega-boss employer. That puts her under pressure, and makes her feel embarrassed, since he is asking her uncomfortable questions. She falls in love with Jack, who knows every thing about her, realizing that in a true relationship you have to be honest, and feel comfortable being yourself. She also learns that both sides should share, and therefore she is motivated to learn, and protect his secrets. Emma learns to be more honest facing the person who knows all her secrets, understanding what a true relationship is, and becoming motivated to do whatever it takes to keep it.Emma is under pressure and feels embarrassed because boss, Jack, asks her uncomfortable questions. After a plane travel, she finds out that the stranger she shared her secrets with is her mega-boss, coming to inspect the work at the company. She shares her feelings with her best friend Lissy: “He knows all my most intimate, personal details! But the difference is, I can’t just leave! I have to sit there and pretend to be a good employee! And he knows I’m not-“(Kinsella 103). She is stressed out, because her world changed. She is used to work with people and pretend she is someone else. But things now are different because Jack knows all about her and she can’t act that way anymore. She is confused, because she doesn’t know how to impress him. But later she finds out that Jack has already been impressed by her honesty and her true personality. That is how she learns not to be scared to share secrets and be herself.When she falls in love with Jack, she realizes that in a true relationship she has to feel comfortable being herself. As she arrives at home “a lightbulb has switch on” inside her: “Men and women are soul mates. And if they were just honest, right from the word go...

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