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I woke up to the sound of my eleven year old sister screaming. I sat up in my tall blue and green

splattered bed. She came careenings into my room, “Jinette!” she yelled, “I need your help!”

“What do you want?” I replied, irritated, “It's Ginny.”

“Whatever!” she replied, absentmindedly, “I need help on my algebra homework.”

She is very intelligent for her age, she even skipped a couple grades. I sighed, “I guess, but give

me a minute to tame this beast.” I said, pointing at my curly, matted red hair.

She giggled at my joke, “Okay, I'll be in my room.” As she skipped away, I noticed she had a bruise on the back of her leg.
I pushed the thick, warm covers off my body and placed my feet on the plush, light blue rug. The fibers squished between my toes. I walked over to my brightly lit bathroom, “Stupid skylight,” I muttered under my breath.
I picked up my jar of hair gel that was supposed to “tame”. I pulled off the lid and put the tar like gel in my hand. I tipped my head upside-down to apply the gel, evenly coating it with the black gel.
After I finished getting dressed in a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans, a plain white top, and black cape-cardigan, I walked out into the long hallway and turned right, into Leah's room. “It's about time.” Leah said jokingly while staring at her smart-phone.
“Which ones do you need help with, squirt?” I said, messing up her thick, strawberry-blonde hair.
“Number six, thirteen, and thirty.” Leah replied, pointing at each of the problems with the chewed up end of her pencil.
“Okee-dokee,” I said as I sat on her bright pink bed next to her. “ number six, three x squared times eight to the power of five. First,” I said, trying to remember how to do this, “ you multiply the coefficients, add the exponents, then put x on the end. So it is twenty-four x to the power of seven.”
My eyes started grazing her book, it was covered in very dirty drawings. “I don't need the other ones now.” Leah said, interrupting my thoughts.
“Ok then,” I said, getting up off her bed.
“Wait,” Leah said, stopping me in my tracks, I turned around to see what she wanted. “Come sit again, I have a question for you.
I walked over to her to sit again, “ What's wrong?”
“I just wondered,” she paused awkwardly, “what dad was like?”
“Well, he was very nice, and all, and had the same eyes as you.” I said, looking back at the memories of him,
“ What exactly happened to him?” Leah asked, intrigued.
“He died from intoxication,” I replied, very sad.
I turned to get up when I saw that mom had stopped in front of the doorway, tears were welling up in her eyes. She had a purple blouse on with black slacks and black pumps. She shook her head, getting out of her trance, “I'm off to work girls, be good.” she said to us, walking down the tile stairs and near the big brown oak door, “I'll be back at five!”
“Are you hungry?” I asked Leah.
“Yeah,” she replied, “can I have an omelette?”
“Sure” I answered, looking at her black...

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