“Discoveries Can Affirm Or Challenge Our Assumptions And Beliefs About The World”

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Discovery is about our renewed self or is it not? Good morning, Ms.Fowell and Mr. Whitard. Discoveries of racial prejudices and significant interaction with others can both affirm and challenge an individual’s emotions and cultural beliefs within their worlds. The short story ‘Sticks and stones and such-like’ written by Sunil Badami and the film ‘The Help’ directed by Tate Taylor explores the racial hardship that prompts the respective protagonists’ confronting discovery of the negative attitudes within society, whilst also overcoming the calamity from the support of others.

In Sticks and stones and such-like, the protagonist experiences challenges through the racial prejudices, and discovers its detriments upon their own feeling and emotions, affirming their negative beliefs about the intolerance within their social world. It is the writer’s recount of his experience growing up in Australia as a Indian boy. Cumulative listing of racial slurs in “Coon, boong, darkie, nig-nog, golliwog” depicts how Sunil’s identity is reduced to stereotypes about his cultural background. His peers emphasize the racial slurs, which initiate his negative attitude towards his own heritage. This extends to his name, as he notes that “The one thing that always got under my skin was my own name. Sunil.” The representation of a metaphor implies his confronting discovery and low self-esteem due to the fact that his ethnic name will permanently be part of his identity. This discovery affirms his negative assumptions of the racial discrimination within his society and ignites his desperate attempts to assimilate, highlighted in the personification of “tiny spots of blood started weeping into the sink,” which further reflects the emotional challenges that he faces. Discovery of racial prejudices can challenge the protagonist’s well being, thus facilitating cynical assumptions of the society.

On the other hand, throughout ‘The Help’, the characters discover the confronting reality of racial enmity, provoking their assumptions of the society and discrimination within the world. Skeeter decides to write a book from African American point of view about the truth of working for the white families. While the Jackson song is playing, a full shot of Skeeter driving into a car service with the ‘colored’ sign of the toilet in the background reinforces the idea of how racial issues are insignificant assumption of the society in the Jackson Mississippi. Skeeter reappears to persuade Aibileen to contribute in the book however she discovers the confronting reality of racial enmity when Aibileen exposes her devastation through the use of body language of constantly looking side to side and suddenly raising her voice. Skeeter uncovers the truth of Constantine’s leave when Mrs. Phelan remarks how Constantine’s daughter intrusively came in whilst the president was in the house and consequently were strained to leave however provoke into the assumptions of the society and discrimination...

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