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Discovering Initial Workplace Applications Essay

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Discovering Initial Workplace Applications
The ability to reflect, grants one the opportunity to engage within an interpersonal evaluation utilized for the purposes of assessing where the individual is presently and determining where they need to be. Without the disciplined practice of reflection the demise of an individual’s personal growth and development is inevitable. Therefore, reflection serves less of a noncompulsory approach towards the progressive mobility of oneself occupationally, but rather the dire necessity of which assists in facilitating the developmental maturation of one’s life holistically.
This assignments primary task requests for the development and operational plan of which identifies methodologies of which call for an established active workplace where the practice of reflection is executed. In conducting this tasked objective the content of this paper sets its written focus upon providing a description of the potential benefits of conducting reflective practice within the developed process of teaching, providing some advantages of reflective practice within the developed process of teaching, identifying a comprehensible plan of action of which identifies the implementation/integration of reflective practice methodologies within the writer’s place of employment, and assess strategies of which can be utilized for the purposes of engaging those in which resist to utilize the reflective practice approach.
Benefits of the utilization of reflective practice in the teaching process
The musical dispositional held with the genre of Jazz, is one in which appears to derive from a compilation of a multiplicity of fluid and diverse musical and rhythmic styles blended together producing a magnificent array of auditory enlightenment. Through the observation of education, it is impossible to ignore the, “Jazz-like,” nuances, displayed, within its discipline. Education is not rigid and concrete, rather it is fluid, diverse, multicultural, and bicultural all fused together producing something magnificent within the life of the learner when the approach to the teaching embraces rejects a conventional “one size fits all,” approach. The Brazilian educationalist Paulo Freire discusses this perspective of conventional education and those that functionally operated within what he termed as the “Banking Concept” of education (Flanagan, 2005). Freire believed that this concept is demonstrated within the teacher-student relationship at any educational level or social construct and is largely a narrative relationship involving a knowledgeable subject (the teacher) that deposits a barrage of information towards patient listening objects (the student) who’s objective task is to retain the information given (Flanagan, 2005) without question in a subservient role. This ultimately deprives students of the fullest extent of functional knowledge, which should be the goal of education.
Because there are an amalgam of outside determinants that...

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