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Discovering The World Of A Princess

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Discovering the World of Princess
Disney has been greatly known for Mickey Mouse, but Disney Pictures is also known for their Disney Princesses. From their first production in 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to their most recent production in 2013 Frozen. It's been over 75 years, and Disney is still making princesses films to this day in age. If you could name three princesses out of the top of your head, who would you pick? I would say Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel are the most known princesses because of all the years they've been playing. These are films from an earlier time, but not everyone knows all the princess films that have been playing this century.
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Walking around on those- what you call them? Oh feet. Flipping your fins you don't get too far. Legs are required for jumping, dancing”. She's showing that she wants to change her body to please her prince, and so she can be with him. Since these films were made earlier in time they have a lot of femininity. They all have the same concept 'The prince saves the princess'. These are just some of all the stereotypes that Walt Disney included in his early Disney Princess films. In the movies is shows little girls that women should be cleaning, cooking, and changing their appearance just to please her prince. Cinderella and Snow White were not independent at all. Ariel tried to be independent, but she had to change her body in order to get it. They tried everything to get their prince. Based on the films by Walt Disney, he believed that America is a country led by men and women are inferior. In the end like any good film, these films have morals. Let's start with Snow White and the Seven Dwarf. The moral to this film is that you should always make the best out of a bad situation. For example in the film when Snow's stepmother had sent to get her killed, she still manages to keep a positive attitude and live happily ever after with her prince. The moral to the film Cinderella is to be kind and have faith, and you'll be rewarded. Cinderella after everything she went through she still was kind and patient, and in the end she married her prince. Finally the moral of The Little Mermaid is to never give up going after your dreams, even in the face of hardship. After Ariel had her voice taken away, she still tried to get Prince Eric to fall in love with her. These three films have more in similar than everyone expects. There are other films that have the same similarities, but these three films had more in common based on the time period they were premiered.
These films over the years have shown little girls 'wish fulfillment'. Telling each little...

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