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Friendship is a beautiful thing, when it has trust and understanding. I thought my friendship with Marina was a perfect one, until I saw her true colors. Losing her and moving on was one of the most painful experiences in my life.I met Marina when I first started school; she was a shy girl with blond curls and green eyes.From the first moment we met, something just clicked between us. I felt like our friendship was very special. We would spend hours on the phone, would go to each other houses on the weekends and would share the most personal secrets. The first crush. first kiss and the very first "F", were the kind of experiences we went through together. Marina was more then a friend to me, she was like my sister. The thought of our friendship ending had never cross my mind.Our friendship survived through many tough and lonely years, but no one could predict that this would soon ends. . In ninth grade me and Marina changed schools. The change from public school to private wasn't bad at all. Our new classmates were very nice people, and we quickly became friends with two other girls from our class. Nastya and Arina were best friends too. We started hanging around together, we were like four musketeers. It was fun, until Marina and Arina started going to places and doing some stuff, which didn't include me or Nastya. Once we all got together and tried to talk about this situation. Talking things through actually worked, and for the...

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Discovery of the Self Essay

1836 words - 7 pages self, how is the self discovered/encountered, what makes the discovery of the self challenging, what aspects of the self were for me the most challenging, and what are the obstacles to the discovery of the self? These six questions will describe the nature of my encounter with the various components of the phenomenon addressed in the text known as "The Self". To begin the analysis of the self, one first has to define what is the self, and it's

Self-discovery in Siddhartha Essay

1175 words - 5 pages Self-discovery in Siddhartha           Siddhartha, the novel by Hermann Hesse is what can be included as one of the epitomes of allegorical literature.  This wondrous novel is focused on the tribulations of Siddhartha through his quest for inner peace.    He started out as a young Brahmin's son always thirsting for more intellect and perspective in his life and from

Janie's Self-Discovery

1696 words - 7 pages personal choice” (Crabtree). Their Eyes Were Watching God is an important fiction piece that explores relations throughout black communities and families. It also examines different issues such as, gender and class and these issues bring forth the theme of voice. In Janie’s attempt to find herself, she grows into a stronger woman through three marriages. Janie’s first discovery about herself comes when she is a child. She is around the age of six

Discovery Through Dance

1013 words - 4 pages Discovery Through Dance Movies with dancing have always been a big success, simply because they cause people to want to move and be free like the actors on the set. Dirty Dancing, directed by Emile Ardolino, is a movie that makes people want to jump into the screen and be a part of the show. It is a favorite among teenage girls simply because of the kind of dancing that is performed. Another movie, Save the Last Dance, directed

My Incredible Discovery

1254 words - 5 pages I am an archaeologist, a young one working with my professor. I believe I found with my natural propensity a wondrous, exhilarating, incredible discovery of the past. They indicate ancient people, probably Homo sapiens. The carbon dating I have found indicates they are around 25,000 years old. Specifically, the items I found are a skull, rib bones, and a leg bone. Furthermore I was by fate or destiny able to recover flower petals, a bone

Discovery Of Society

2665 words - 11 pages What is the meaning of society? It’s a simple word but with a very complicated definition. Society is our own everyday reality. It’s features such as economics, culture, language and philosophy is what unites individuals and creates a society. In the book, “The Discovery of Society”, written by Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky we are able to capture the ideas and beliefs of a variety of social thinkers. All of these thinkers had a

Discovery of society

2656 words - 11 pages What is the meaning of society? It?s a simple word but with a very complicated definition. Society is our own everyday reality. It?s features such as economics, culture, language and philosophy is what unites individuals and creates a society. In the book, ?The Discovery of Society?, written by Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky we are able to capture the ideas and beliefs of a variety of social thinkers. All of these thinkers had a different

Iimplications of Asbestos Discovery


The Discovery of the Unconscious

1531 words - 6 pages The Discovery of the UnconsciousThe person popularly attributed with the discovery of the unconscious is of course Sigmund Freud. It's exploration however dates back to the beginnings of philosophy and indeed to conscious thought itself. The question of who discovered the unconscious is really based on who systematically explored this idea of a 'second mind' and really began to consign our emotions and actions to its workings. The major

Tackle the American Discovery Trail

1371 words - 6 pages The American Discovery trail, also known as the ADT, was founded in 1989 by the American Hiking Society. (HikaNation). It is 6,800 miles long, runs through 15 states, and goes coast to coast. There are continuous paths for adventurers of all types. The trail welcomes horseback riders, cross country skiers, cyclists, hikers and of course backpackers. Anyone planning to hike the ADT from beginning to end should set aside around 14-16 months

Most important discovery by man

689 words - 3 pages overlooked, regardless of the tremendous impact they may have had on the world. One of such discoveries is antibiotics which have revolutionized today's medicine. Perhaps my choice will match up with yours, or maybe it will be vastly different.The discovery of antibiotics has proved to be a boon a boon to human welfare but some also have the opinion that they are the necessary evils. We do have Alexander Flemming to thank for this discovery back in 1928[1

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959 words - 4 pages Drug is a chemical which alters the processes in the organism, which is used in the medicine for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases (Farlex, 2011). Drug discovery is a long term process that needs money investment. The process of drug investigation takes approximately from 9 to 15 years during which the number of chemicals that can become drug is reduced from 10,000 to 1-2 (Saparov, 2011). Even after manufacturing the drug is

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685 words - 3 pages Asia on foot. They were the people who settled down and built up communities in the new continent.(A) Columbus and his men were just people who arrived in America later. If the main purpose of Columbus Day is to commemorate his phenomenal discovery and settlement in America, there is no reason to celebrate his arrival in a land with established societies. Besides, if Columbus is considered the first European who arrived in America, there is also

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2172 words - 9 pages Self Discovery “What are you going to do after you get your degree?”Whenever I announce my occupation, this trite, well-intentioned question never fails to follow. I am a student, a senior at Metro, studying Literature and History. Not only a student, I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and female. No, I don’t bring in a paycheck, but my life is fulfilling, gratifying, deserving and challenging. Will I teach, write, join the

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1432 words - 6 pages “If there were a single market theme in 2012 it would be that data discovery became a mainstream architecture.” (Magic Quadrant 2013) Data discovery is one of the most recent sections of data analytics and technology industry. Information is playing a very critical role in operations and processes, and users are demanding for tools that facilitate easy access, analysis and sharing of data. There has been an increased demand for business