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In many occasions where humans mishandle a situation when being in dispute or commotion is familiar with the lack of discretion. As a civilian, having discretion is hard, but for a police officer; it is even harder. Discretion means to be able to approach an individual or situation in a way that one can avoid causing conflict, offend someone or something, or reveal personal information. Discretion is associated with using own judgement to decide what should be done in a particular situation and what should be the outcome. For police officers or law enforcement organisations, it is important to use discretion because it can be used as a tool to find mutual grounds, investigate, and solve problems. To be discrete means that there should be some ground rules to follow before judging a situation and all details must be well known before taking action. Being discrete also indicates being fair. Fairness takes a significant role in discretion because fairness implies that one’s treatment must be justified and behave with no favouritism or discrimination. If an individual approaches a situation with no option and takes sides; that is being unfair. Therefore, discretion is necessary for fairness because a person cannot discriminate another or take sides by offending someone or revealing someone’s personal information.
According to my perspective, the author says “The exercise of discretion inevitably involves discrimination” because officers are told not to discriminate. However, officers are told to be sensitive towards the diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural traditions which are discriminated. The word discriminate is often accompanied by examples such as shooting and killing a...

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