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Discrimiation Leads To Pain (Columbine High)

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Discrimination Leads to PainOn May 2, 1998, Rachel Joy Scott had written, "This will be my last year, Lord. I have gotten what I can. Thank you." In another entry she had written, "God is going to use me to reach the young people, I don't know how, I don't know when." This was the last journal entry, written 20 minutes before she died, in the last entry there was a drawing of a pair of eyes crying and from those eyes fell 13 drops onto a rose. One of the major factors which contributed to the deaths at Columbine was the atmosphere of bullying and discrimination which went on there. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris targeted Christians, as well as Jews, athletes and blacks, during their shooting rampage. The statement by Harris on the video they had produced said that he wanted to shoot Christians in the head, that only adds to influential evidence of anti-Christian injustice."An Act of God." Time. 1999. Galenet. 3 May 2004. Scott is infamous in the legendary story of the Columbine shooting. She was a martyr in the fact that she showed her devotion to God when the she was asked by the assassins if she believed in God. Klebold and Harris shot Rachel in the head, killing her instantly because of her belief. The deplorable acts upon all these innocent students show that Dylan and Eric had anger built up in them for a substantial amount of time.At the time of her death she was only 17 years old.Another victim of the Columbine shooting was Cassie Bernall. Josh, a sophomore at columbine high that year said he will never forget hearing her voice. "I couldn't see anything when those guys came up to Cassie, but I could recognize her voice. I could hear everything like it was right next to me. One of them asked her if she believed in God. She paused, like she didn't know what she was going to answer, and then she said yes. She must have been scared, but her voice didn't sound shaky. It was strong. Then they asked her why, though they didn't give her a chance to respond. They just blew her away." Why is it that these students were killed because of acts of discrimination? Something had changed by Eric and Dylan's senior year.Bernall, Misty. She Said Yes. Farmington, PA: Plough Publishing, 2000.What started out as anger soon evolved into a brutal plan of retribution. But if it started with athletes, blacks, Jews, and Christians, as it evolved, it changed into a scheme to annihilate the entire school. It is hard to find one trigger that started the two boys on a fatal rampage. They had worked hard to deceive everyone around them for over a year. Astoundingly, about a month before the massacre, the Klebold family took a four day road trip to the University of Arizona, where Dylan had been accepted to attend college. During the trip, the Klebold's did...

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