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Discrimination Against Aboriginal Women In Canada

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Tashi Sherpa
Professor Gahad Hamed
March 20, 2014

Discrimination against Aboriginal Women

Despite the decreasing inequalities between men and women in both private and public spheres, aboriginal women continue to be oppressed and discriminated against in both. Aboriginal people in Canada are the indigenous group of people that were residing in Canada prior to the European colonization. The term First Nations, Indian and indigenous are used interchangeably when referring to aboriginal people. Prior to the colonization, aboriginal communities used to be matrilineal and the power between men and women were equally balanced. When the European came in contact with the aboriginal, there came a shift in gender role and power control leading towards discrimination against the women. As a consequence of the colonization, the aboriginal women are a dominant group that are constantly subordinated and ignored by the government system of Canada. Thus today, aboriginal women experiences double jeopardy as they belong to more than one disadvantaged group i.e. being women and belonging to aboriginal group. In contemporary world, there are not much of a difference between Aboriginal people and the other minority groups as they face the similar challenges such as gender discrimination, victimization, and experiences injustice towards them. Although aboriginal people are not considered as visible minorities, this population continues to struggle for their existence like any other visible minorities group. Although both aboriginal men and women are being discriminated in our society, the women tends to experience more discrimination in public and private sphere and are constantly the targeted for violence, abuse and are victimized. In addition, many of the problems and violence faced by aboriginal women are unsolved and ignored. The way justice system is created also failed to give justice to the aboriginal women.
Although the partnered violence against women is overrepresented in Canada and United States, the risk for partnered violence for aboriginal women is still increasing compared to the non-aboriginal (Brownridge, 2008). The definition of the domestic violence is very broad. One definition of domestic violence is “it refers to the physical abuse of a women by her male partner/spouse and the creation of an environment within the relationship which...

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