Discrimination Against Jews In Germany Essay

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Discrimination Against Jews in Germany

Jewish people in Germany were badly hated in 1933 to 1939, this hatred
dated all the way back to Jesus being killed by Jews. This was when
the king ordered the death of Jesus by nailing him to a crucifix, it
was because of this event taking place that Hitler and the nazi’s
hated Jewish people so much. Hitler made his hatred for Jewish people
very clear by the way he treated them, this went from stopping them
spreading their views in 1933 to mass murder (genocide) in the later

Treatment of Jews grew worse and worse over the years leading up to
the war, the main changes happened 1933-1939 due to the Nazi’s coming
to power and Hitler being in control. In 1933 it began discrimination
became clear and the April Boycott happened, this was where the SA
stood outside Jewish shops and businesses to stop people getting in,
they drew Jude (another word for Jew) on the windows or/and the star
of David to tell people it was a Jewish shop or business and people
who tried to gain entry where beaten by the SA guards on the doors.
The Nazi’s did this to eventually making all Jewish people bankrupt
and therefore they would leave Germany and make the country pure and
Jew free.

The following year Hitler wasn’t as stern as in the previous year he
made it so that Jewish people could not work in theatres, also
anti-Jewish propaganda (used to keep the views of Nazi’s everywhere so
that there was no escape from them and their beliefs) was made and put
around. Again this was done to force people of Jewish background out
of Hitler’s Germany.

However 1935 was more eventful, in this year the Nuremberg laws were
introduced that increased Jewish discrimination. Law one stated that
Jews were no longer recognised as German citizens but as Jews living
in Germany, they also lost the right to vote due to this. In law two,
Jews lost their right to marry and have sexual relations with Aryan
women. Jews had basic civil rights taken from them that made
discrimination legal, if the Jews broke any of the above laws they
would be punished. Treatment changed because of these laws it had gone
from small time...

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