Discrimination Against Women In Othelo Essay

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“Go make me a sandwich!” is a common joke that males use towards females in the 21st century to stereotypically put women “in their place”. Many jokes like these tend to depict women as if they belong in the kitchen or as if their purpose is to serve men. But these gender differences are not only seen as jokes, but as a part of history. Writers such as William Shakespeare display many intentions of gender roles and strains in many of his works. These ideas are strongly portrayed in Shakespeare’s Othello, a play whose characters go through a great amount of sexism. Discrimination towards women along with misunderstandings are the fundamental struggles depicted in this play and is a great dispute in the world today.
Violence and discrimination against women shown in Othello is also a global phenomenon that has been present throughout history. The Bible states that “God made the woman out of the man” (Gen 2:22) and is also a similar idea demonstrated in various cultures and religions. Today, the biggest influence on these differences come from the ways that society perceives the opposite sex. In history and also in the modern cultures of the world, men are shown to have more authority and rights than women, through the courses of life. The connection between genders in Othello is absolute patriarchy and voices a society where there is a great amount of unequal distribution of rights, freedoms, and the power between both male and female.
Women are a central part of the story of Othello. During Shakespeare's time lies a love tradition between a males and females. Women were seen as beautiful creatures that were expected to be faithful to men and have no interest in politics and education. Women are discriminated because of their sex, and how they are treated lower because of what their roles were traditionally. These traditions are shown through Othello, an African military general who falls from grace by murdering his innocent, Venetian wife, Desdemona. He ends up...

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