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Discrimination All Over The World Essay

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Discrimination all over the world
Through ages, people used to detach themselves from the meaning of common dignity. They have been looking for ways to make themselves look important. They have created classes and used to look down to people who differ from them. People usually involve the idea that one’s own race is more pre-eminent therefore, he has the right to control others. If we take the United States of America as an example, we will find that many Negros has suffered from discrimination. They were deprived from their civil, social, political and educational rights. There were many cases in which African Americans have been discriminated from white people but Martin Luther king tried to stop this racism. Discrimination and racism were not only restricted to African Americans in the US but also it has extended to Egypt and many other countries all over the world. In Egypt, there is a lot of dominations that suffer from discrimination like Nubians for example. Although they are Egyptians, but Nubians are not treated in the same way as other Egyptian up till now.
Through their life, Negroes have been suffering from all means of discrimination but they didn’t complain nor stand against it. According to an article published in America’s Library called Rosa Parks Was Arrested for Civil Disobedience, Rosa’s incident in 1955 was like the sparkle that lit the fire. It has encouraged them to defend their looted rights. Rosa Parks is a black activist lady who refused to give her seat to a white passenger. By doing that, she was disobeying an Alabama law which stated that African Americans have to give their seats to white people even if Negroes were there first. The bus driver called the police for Rosa and she was sentenced to jail. After this mishap, Martin Luther King called for boycotting all transportation companies. This boycott lasted for a year and it has affected companies’ revenue Therefore, some of the discrimination rules were broken (America’s Library).
“I have a dream” is the name given to speech of Martin Luther King which was delivered during Washington’s march which was calling for freedom. He expressed his future desire regarding the coexistence of blacks and whites. He was asking for freedom, equality and homogeneity. The day when the speech was delivered was considered as the most important day in the history of civil rights’ movements. During his speech King used a powerful language to get connected to his audience. That’s why the speech is considered as one of the most important and effective speeches in the twentieth century. When King said “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment and to underestimate the determination of the Negro………….The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our Nation until the bright day of justice emerges” he was referring to Negroes’ rights. He wanted them to live peacefully without racism. He was also pointing out that he and his fellows won’t...

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