Discrimination And Racism In The Mlb And The Negro Leagues English Iii Research Paper

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As a general statement the segregation during the 1950’s affected all aspects of life as an African-American, thus when the desire to play baseball in the Major Leagues arose there was nowhere for African-Americans to play. The creation of the Negro Leagues gave African-Americans the chance to play baseball without having to deal with the segregation they experienced when playing with white people, “A Negro League runner never slid on his stomach, hands reaching for the bag; that was an open invitation for a spiking by a defensive player covering the bag. Instead runners always slid with their spikes up" (A Look at Life in the Negro Leagues 1). However during this time they still experienced that same segregation and hate during games they played against the white teams.
When you got on first it was pretty rough going. Infielders would come down on your legs, spike the base runner. You had to duck those throws on double plays, you had to duck the ball. They'd throw it at you. You needed hats like they got now at that time. All the infielders wore shin guards like a catcher-- and they needed them. (A Look at Life in the Negro Leagues 52)
These quote show the precautions the African-Americans players had to take when playing against people who thought they were superior. Even though the Negro Leagues were not related to the Major Leagues, they gave birth to many great athletes that would move on to play in the Major Leagues “producing a legion of stars that included Rube Foster, Josh Gibson, and Satchel Paige, who in 1948 became the first black pitcher in the major leagues” (History of Negro Leagues 1). Many Negro League players “earned fame as...

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