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Discrimination In Businesses Essay

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How many times have you evaluated someone based on appearance? If you have not, then you must be beyond saintly because everyone has at one point or another. However, companies hiring based on appearance is an intensifying issue. Is it considered discrimination? No. Due to the capitalistic society we live in, it is socially, economically, and competitively acceptable, and sometimes necessary for companies to hire for looks.
Maybe companies have realized that our society is all about appearance, and now they are using it to their benefit. People are taking offense to it; however, people judge each other based on appearances all the time. How many times have you seen someone with piercings and/or tattoos and automatically presumed they were “Bad” or a “punk”? Companies have this “set image” of what they want to project, and they hire to fill that image. One doesn’t ordinarily imagine someone who has the “Hot Topic” look employed in a Hollister store, because that’s not their image, and vice versa. Potential customers want to see the “better side” of stores. For example, people want to see an attractive person eating at a fast food place, not an unhealthy obese person. Everything in today’s society is based on beauty, not brains.
The practice of hiring for looks is seen more in upscale stores than stores like Wal-Mart, where people just do not care. Once one gets to Stores like American Eagle and Hollister, they expect to see better looking people working there. Stores like Hollister and American Eagle want to project a wealthier “California” look to attract potentially wealthy customers. Potential customers are drawn in by looks and what they see. As one Matthew Sheeley, a high school senior from Orland Park, said “If you see an attractive person working in the store wearing Abercrombie clothes, it makes you want to wear it, too.”
Today’s market is very competitive. Companies are always competing and trying...

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