Discrimination In Of Mice And Men

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“I believe discrimination still exists in society and we must fight it in every form.” (Andrew, Cuomo) It’s true, discrimination is everywhere, but was it in Of Mice and Men? It was extremely evident, for example, with Lennie, Crooks, Curley’s Wife, and so on. All the minorities were discriminated against, but why? Discrimination is a serious issue in the world today that runs through the veins of every group of people. People are always pointing fingers at other people who, from themselves, are different politically, racially, and religiously, so why do we do it? It’s because discriminating against other people makes us feel more secure. But what was discrimination like in the 1930’s? ...view middle of the document...

Curley is very protective over his wife, so she’s not allowed to be alone with the other guys on the farm. Curley warns the boys that if he catches them interacting to his wife, he’d beat them up. Curley made his wife reclusive, and distant from the farm. Most people had no idea how Curley’s wife felt about being excluded from everyone else. But truth be told, she was awfully lonesome and depressed. Although, she made multiple attempts to interact with the men on the farm, but with Curley in mind, they neglected her. Eventually this made her desperate for attention, so she decided to befriend Lennie, the slow one. Lennie was strictly told to avoid Curley’s wife because of Curley’s threats to George and himself. Accidently, Lennie began talking to Curley’s wife in the barn and forgot about the consequences. She told him how lonely she was locked up in the house, left with none but Curley. Lennie didn’t fully comprehend her struggles, but felt sorry for her. The men on the farm were put to the test when dealing with Curley’s wife, and it’s almost as if she’s the forbidden fruit in the story.
Clearly the most obvious victim in Of Mice and Men is Lennie Small. Lennie was born slow, or mentally retarded, and ever since his Aunt Clara died George, the main character in the novel has taken care of him. Both men travel all across the country working on many different farms and ranches, even cesspools. Their most recent job had been in Weed, California, on a small farm. Their reason for leaving was because the job was finished, but truthfully only George knows why they left. Lennie has a knack for feeling things, such as mice, rabbits, even soft clothing. When a woman in Weed was wearing a pretty red dress Lennie approached her and grabbed the dress. The woman thought that he was trying to rape her, so she screamed, but Lennie didn’t let go. George heard the scream and quickly separated Lennie from the woman, while grabbing his belongings and making a run for it, the two men escaped the farm without getting caught and found a job bucking...

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