Discrimination In The Work Environment Essay

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Discrimination in the Work EnvironmentPrepared For: Professor Bruce BarnardPrepared By: Benson ShiteraReport Date: August 25, 2007Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryHistory of Racial Discrimination in the WorkplaceAffirmative ActionEqual Opportunity in the WorkplaceFederal Vs State Employment lawsLegal process of filling a discrimination complainsDiversity in the workplacePreventing Discrimination in the Work EnvironmentBibliographyExecutive SummaryAll companies, organization and the government being included should have policies regarding hiring, promoting and terminating employees to ensure a non-discriminatory work environment. Every American citizen has the right to apply for a job and be fairly considered based on merit, if for any reason the company creates or encourages a discriminatory environment by only hiring a particular group or individuals the organization can be faced with costly effects of discrimination.Moreover, any time a person or group is discriminated upon based on injustice, based on their membership of a social group, it causes discrimination. Such causes usually include having a predetermined view on someone because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion and disability. Employers should comply with Title VII and EEOC standards, along with their local employment laws. All these items should be posted in the break rooms, Human Resources office, and supervisor's office for everyone to see and use as a reference. When an employer is looking to hire new employees, promote existing employees, or terminate employees, the employer must be aware of the discrimination laws protected by Civil Rights Act. In this report I will discuss the history of racial discrimination, affirmative action, equal opportunity in the workplace, diversity and the laws surrounding discrimination.History of Racial Discrimination in the WorkplaceAccording to dictionary.reference.com, "discrimination is an act, treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice it can include: racial discrimination; discrimination against foreigners, discrimination against sex, and many more."The history of racial discrimination existed in the US from the time of slavery, where people of color especially the black people and women were treated as half human beings. Black people and women were not allowed to vote and were perceived as inferior to white males and the other races. However, in the 1950's slavery was abolished and the people of color were emancipated, some started attending colleges and got employment in the private and public sector, nevertheless, its was difficult for many to get promotions since they did not have the skill set to work in high level positions based on the lack of experience when they were slaves. Therefore, racism and slavery has been a controversial issue and a big problem in our social history.Nevertheless, we have to applaud the changes that took...

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