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Discrimination In The Worst Case Essay

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When the Constitution was created the writers believed that all men should be created equal. Not until almost a hundred years later were African Americans freed from slavery. Even after they had been granted citizenship, African Americans were treated unfairly and unequally. Roughly, another hundred years later, African Americans were still blamed for people's problems and were persecuted. In the Southern United States, people were still unwilling to fully accept African Americans in their society and this shows in "To Kill A Mockingbird" because of the attitudes portrayed during Tom Robinson’s trial. The trial was decided by a jury that was racist and unwilling to accept things have ...view middle of the document...

Although it is not up to the judge to decide a defendant’s fate, they may still have an impact on how the case is viewed by the jury. This is unfair to the defendant’s case and should be transferred to another judge. Judge Taylor, in “To Kill A Mockingbird,” was for equal rights, especially in Tom Robinson’s case (Lee 218). This may have been for the good, to attempt to have the jury leave their racism behind and take Tom and Atticus’s side, however it was not just. A judge should not express his opinion to the jury.
In Alabama now, trials are still stricken with racism and discrimination from the jury. To every one white man arrested and convicted four black men are (Mauer 8). Many other countries have rates this bad, if not worse, as well. Nationally, the ratio is about one white man for every six black men (Mauer 8). Whether this is the juries’ faults or just these people are doing illegal things, the juries are still influenced to convict a black man because of discriminations. These include: that black men are more violent and disrespectful to others. In reality, black men are sometimes a lot more civil than white men and have better manners and are smarter than many white men.
Looking at the ratios now, the Northern United States has a larger African American arresting average than white Americans (Mauer 8). This is because many African American people moved to the north after the thirteenth amendment was ratified and the white men entered the World Wars. Now the population of African Americans in the north has surged. This is what explains the increase in African American crimes, because the African American population is greater there. However, beginning in the mid nineteen hundreds, racial tensions increased and I believe this still exists in some cities in the northern states today.
In order to fix the discrimination within juries, people of different races are selected to be on the jury. Recently, Hispanics have had a high rate of arrests (Mauer 6). Today’s society dislikes these people because many Hispanics are illegal aliens. The national ratio for white men to Hispanic men arrested is about one white to every two Hispanics (Mauer 6). Since we learn from our past mistakes, we have learned that having a person of the same ethnicity as the defendant will remove the...

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