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Discrimination Issues Appearing During Halloween Essay

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Discrimination Issues Appearing During Halloween
From time immemorial, hell was an inspiration for the costumes used during Halloween. In the contemporary society, turning up for Halloween dressed up as a goblin, zombie or ghost is less likely to make a staunch follower of the event to receive sufficient appreciation. Popular culture has succeeded in replacing the underworld in terms of providing influential costumes for the event. The aspect of individuals from different races increasingly dominating pop culture is causing costume lovers to face a number of issues. The most dominant question has always been whether it is ethical to dress or appear dressed up like someone from a different race during Halloween. This factor largely bases on the costume an individual chooses, and the manner he or she ends up presenting the costume. It also depends on what the individual wearing the costume is representing or duplicating during the event. In view of all the complexities involved in choosing an appropriate dress code, it remains imperative to display keenness while settling on certain attire. Observing one’s dress code prevents an individual from making a racial gaffe that may occur when the person wears attire that derogates another race.
It is important for an individual to dress in a unique way that does not represent any particular culture. It is never correct to appear for the event dressed up either an Asian, black person or Mexican for Halloween. Wearing a dress code that represents a particular racial group fails to make a suitable costume. The desire to appear in a dress code that depicts a general minority during Halloween is a clear indication that the individual is stereotyping the specific group. It is important for individuals to understand that they represent certain culture and not a specific costume. Instead of wearing attire that portrays a general racial group for the event, an individual can settle on a particular dress that represents a common group. He or she may appear dressed in an athlete’s gear or in apparel won by different sport disciplines.
In order to assume the role of neutrality in the event, individuals ought to avoid the blackface especially when wearing attire that represents a different racial group for Halloween. Many African-American perceive the blackface as an assault directed to the black race. The situation gets worse if a person from another race appears in a blackface during the event. An individual may choose to appear for the event dressed up to represent a celebrity from a minority group. In this case, the person should stick to a dress code that the masses can recognize easily. It may not be responsible to darken one’s skin since observers will easily notice who the individual is trying to represent from the attire he or she wears. Individuals should also refrain from taping their eyes back in a bid to represent the Asians. Instead of adopting this style, an individual may settle on dress...

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