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Discrimination Lives Within Everyone Essay

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Racial discrimination has affected the world in many ways. Historically in the United States there have always been racial issues between the African Americans and white Americans. Most African Americans were sidelined in all areas of economic, political and social growth. Whites were seen to be more superior, which led to segregation of housing, schools, restaurants, hotels, and transportation. Equally concerning, are the instances of religious discrimination that still occur in this country. Even though we have made important advances in race relations, we still face serious racial and religious discrimination in the United States.
During the 1950s until the mid 1970s African Americans fought for their rights to have equality in the Southern States. Dealing with issues like Brown v. Board of Education was the spark needed to advocate black’s rights to learn in equal unity. In an article written by Fred Bailey in “The Southern Historical Association and The Quest for Racial Justice,” he expresses how “segregated school during the time made whites feel smarter and more superior over the blacks” (Bailey). In the sixties the fight for equal rights gained momentum. Organizational groups were developing and gaining national attention. Groups like the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), and Dr. Martin Luther King’s SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) endorsed peaceful methods to join together and live in unity. In the early 1960s The Civil Rights Act was passed which prohibited discrimination in schools, restaurants, hotels, and in public facilities. Even though the Civil Rights Act was passed, some whites did not obey the law. This made matters worse for blacks in the South. There were riots and violence as a result. Marches were formed by peaceful African American organizational groups protesting their rights in the southern states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Washington, DC. One of the most famous historical marches was the march in Birmingham, Alabama. This is where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited his associated organization and discussed the a nonviolent movement through the streets of Birmingham. King was arrested for violating a state policy of assembling a protest and spent time in solitary confinement. During King’s time alone he wrote a letter to the clergymen of Alabama stating that he was wrongfully arrested and that he had good reason for being in Birmingham. “King stated that he was the president of the SCLC organization, and he was invited to Birmingham because he had ties there in Birmingham” (King 222).
Another form of discrimination that plagues us today is reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination is a controversial term referring to discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, including the city, state, or country in favor of a minority or historically disadvantaged group. Martha Gellhorn author...

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