Discrimination: Not To Be Used In Societies

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Discrimination has affected the world since the beginning of time. It affected ancient Egypt, the United States throughout its entire history, and even the words grandparents say when a person of color- or absence of color- walks by during that dreaded yearly barbeque. At the same time, people have ignored it, and sometimes, supported it. Clearly, Harper Lee is not one of those people. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in a sexist and racist town, Maycomb County. The most obvious discrimination is racial discrimination during the false rape-accusation trial of a black man, Tom Robinson; however, racial discrimination does not stand alone in the county. Discrimination means ...view middle of the document...

An anti-racist is a person who disagrees with racism. After Atticus attempts to protect Tom Robinson from unjust prosecution, Bob Ewells says, “...you [Atticus] nigger-lovin’ bastard” (Lee 291). Bob uses detail and negative diction to describe Atticus as a “nigger-lov[er],” which denotes a person who supports African-American equality, and connotes a disliked person who attempts to drastically change the foul treatment of African-American. Southerners terribly treat black people because they view them as lesser-people who must obey white people instead of humans with free will. Atticus tries to change the way white citizens view African-Americans by defending an African-American man. The term “nigger-lover” is racist. Since Bob Ewell, the antagonist, says this word to express his hatred toward Atticus, Lee conveys that racism leads to loathing. Loathing others for possessing righteous qualities treats them poorly. Discrimination poorly treats people due to seeing the discriminated against as different. Inferior treatment is negative; therefore, discrimination negatively affects Maycomb.
Sexist ideals influence children. When Scout, Dill, and Jem plan on looking through Arthur “Boo” Radley’s window-the man considered insane by the population-Scout expresses her reluctants. Jem responds to her fear by saying, “‘...you’re gettin’ more like a girl every day!’” (Lee 69). Her brother uses a simile to compare her to a girl, and syntax. “Girl” means a young female. In sexist societies, “girl” conveys a person who easily gets scared and annoys others. Jem says that Scout annoys him, and gets frightened easily. Scout views herself as a tomboy, meaning she does not want anyone to...

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