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1. When the teacher, Ms. Elliott, announced that blue-eyed people are better than brown-eyed people, the brown-eyed children’s body language showed that they rapidly became hurt from this discriminatory statement. The brown-eyed children tried to defend themselves immediately, while the blue-eyed people were smiling and looking happy as they sat quietly agreeing with the teacher. During recess, the brown-eyed kids were leaning against the wall, with their heads lowered, looking sad and alone. The children with the collars were sulking and sat away from blue-eyed children because they felt they were being looked down upon. The children also began teasing one another and two of the boys even ...view middle of the document...

One of the blue-eyed kids even thought he was a ruler because he felt he was better and more important. On the other hand, the children with the collars did not feel like trying in class because they thought nothing good was going to happen to them. Being told that they were bad listeners, slow, and dumb decreased their thinking ability and every mistake that the brown-eyed kids would make was attributed to their eye color according to the teacher. When Ms. Elliott switched the better treatment to the brown-eyed kids, they became much more excited and became more confident while the blue-eyed kids began performing poorly in class and had trouble interacting with their classmates. The Thomas Theorem was apparent in this situation, stating, “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.” This theorem can be applied in this situation in that the children lived up to the stereotypes that their teacher set them up for. At the end of the experiment, the teacher completed what she set out to do, by creating a self-fulfilling prophecy among her third grade students.
3. Everyone faces different types of discrimination daily, but I do agree that whites do...

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