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Discrimination Of Sikhs In India Essay

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For decades without end, members of the Sikh faith have suffered countless injustices at the hands of their fellow countrymen. The Sikh religion was started in India during the fifteenth century by the first guru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Sikh were a peace loving people who spread messages of freedom and equality. They even went as far as too risk their lives to help out other religions. Despite all this in the past century the decedents of the very people the Sikhs sacrificed and continue to sacrifice themselves to save have turned their back on them. India reduced Sikh's to second class citizens, and didn't even consider them as a proper religion. During the independence movements Sikh's were the ones who contributed the most, despite only making up two percent of the population. The treatment got even worse when the government and army executed operation bluestar. Operation bluestar was an indiscriminate slaughter campaign where the government attacked non-existent terrorists. Even the aftermath itself was a colossal tragedy and injustice. Even till this day the treatment of Sikhs has not improved. Discrimination against Sikhs is a long standing tradition of the Indian government, having lied to them after independence, slaughtered them during operation Bluestar and continue to attack them up to this day.
India achieving their independence from the British and establishing their own constitution is nothing more than broken promise to members of the Sikh faith. Despite being the ones who sacrificed the most for the independence movement, not a single promise was kept. In fact the treatment became even worse. The Indian constitution didn't even recognise Sikhism as a religion, they were considered Hindus with long hair. The Sikh marriage ceremony was no longer accepted and Sikhs had to register...

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