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Discriptive Narrative Essay About A Women Wounded From A Broken Marriage Not Once But Two Times In Her Life.

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The Day My Life Came Crashing Down Around MeThrough the years, the divorce rates have risen to numbers so embarrassing that I am ashamed to say that I am part of them. I failed terribly at my first marriage, and it ended badly for my children. With great consideration, my choice to marry again was final. My decision seemed to be a careless choice from most standard views. First of all, the events of recent months have left me wondering if this marriage is any better than the first one. Maybe I should have listened to my head instead of my heart. Next, the poor decisions and weak excuses cannot justify the drunken choices my husband made on that fateful night a few days after our son was born. Finally, I have found that broken beliefs and heartache normally go hand in hand. How this all happened to me again is a question only my husband can answer. What will come next is the hard part, and that decesion is up to me.The events began as the morning rolled in with the fog; my memories of happier days seemed to disappear as the fog does when the sun begins to shine. The shock of reality was about to kick me in the face when my husband confessed to doing something I never thought he would do to me. Those words hit me like a wrecking ball, and my world came crashing down around me. In one minute, I was lost in the pieces of my heart as it shattered around me from each detail of the cheating done.I waited in the dark as he slept that night, waiting for the reason to help me understand how this could have happened.The next morning was not much unlike the first; it just seemed darker and colder because of the emptiness I had built inside me. That is why I had waited all night to hear the reasons why this was happening to me again since; my first marriage had ended for the...

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