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Discuss A Famous Person In Your Field Of Study (South African Or International) Who Has Significantly Influenced The Field Of Modern Medicine.

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Florence Nightingale has significantly influenced modern medicine in the field of nursing. Famous for her role as founder of modern nursing and Hospital Epidemiology Florence Nightingale has also made considerable contribution to health statistics. Despite having made considerable contribution to health statistics she is more famous for her role in modern nursing. (March2009 Vol.20-Issue 2: p 311)Born 12 May 1820 while her parents were in Florence Italy and subsequently named after the city Florence Nightingale believed she had a calling. She grew to be passionate about nursing despite her parent’s belief that nursing was not the right profession for a lady. Reluctantly after hesitation her ...view middle of the document...

Nightingales fears on sanitation, military health and hospital planning conceived practices which are still in existence today. Though some will argue on the relevance of some of Nightingales theories in today’s modern world citing factors like industrial pollution most of the practices are still widely used in hospitals today.

Florence Nightingale's famous quotes 'to understand God's thoughts we must study statistics, for these are the measure of his purpose.' As quoted in Chancce Rule: An Informal Guide to Probability, Risk, and Statistics (1999) by Brian Everitt, p. 137. Her considerable contribution on statistics has picked up quite an interest as it has been widely discussed evidently in the number of papers discussing her work for example Kopf (1916) and other more recent ones like Smith(1996) and Speigel Halter (1999) just to mention a few. Despite the fact that she is more famous for her role in the nursing fraternity she made significant graphical innovations that were of great significance in statistical practice. They appeared in Nightingale (1858) and also adapted by others showing the degree of influence she had.

In conclusion Florence Nightingale was famous and...

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