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Discuss Educating And Schooling Acording John Tylor Gatto In His Article "Why Schools Don't Educate" And What Is The Solution To This Problem.

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Schooling was first created in Massachusetts in 1850 for gaining knowledge of social organizations and a commitment to civic morality. It served the purpose of providing the basic skills needed in order to succeed in life. Moreover, schools were created to provide each student with top quality education, flexibility, and the freedom to create their own schedules. However, in the article, "Why schools don't educate" John Taylor Gatto discusses that those purposes of schools are not met and that schools do not educate. He also discusses that home schooling is better than schooling. Schooling is not an ideal way for children to get educated because children do not get first hand experience, they do not get enough private time, they do not get positive family relationships, and they do not learn in a natural way, whereas home schooling does so.Education is the great hope for the survival of humankind and for the forward progress of civilization. Education is the most basic necessity after those that are vital to life itself- food, clothing, and shelter. It is education that lifts people out of the state of chronic poverty in which they are constantly struggling to fulfill basic needs. Also so people can learn, explore, and develop individual talents. Furthermore, to approach learning and life characterized by a sense of interest, responsibility, and self-discipline. Education provides flexibility and freedom so people can create their own schedules. A school is where people gather to share the same ideas or follow the same principles. Children are gathered five days a week for schooling. They stay there from eight o'clock to four. Teachers are employee of the school, who teach students in classrooms. In schools teachers give homework and class work. Gatto doesn't like the idea of going to school because children "are under constant surveillance, have no private time or private space, and are disciplined if they try to assert individuality in the use of time or space" (pg.2). Children spend most of their time at schools and they don't get any private time that they can spend on their selves. He means that there are one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week all that is spend in schooling and on schooling, extra curricular activities, and homework. Out of these so many hours in a week children only get nine hours for their private time in which are not enough to explore and experience things. Gatto also says that because of so little time, children have no curiosity and do not care about their future, but only care about the present. Furthermore, schools don't teach anything. All the books that students read are laws that someone wrote which they have to follow in order to graduate and get diploma. "The truth is that schools don't really teach anything except how to obey orders" (pg 2). He means that schools are irrelevant. They should teach how to respect the community, and should meet to study the tasks that are necessary to become a complete person...

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