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Discuss How Organization Structure Interacts With The External Environment To Affect Organizational Performance.

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IntroductionToday's society is diverse and rapidly changing and it is the organisation's ability to adapt or be in fit with the external environment that will determine its overall performance. Ethical issues arise throughout all organisations daily activities but it is the continual debate about what is right or wrong that will shape ethical decision making now and for generations to come.This essay aims to investigate culture within the internal environment and how culture plays a role in an organisation's ability to fit in with the environment. According to (Samson and Daft, 2003:80) the internal environment is "composed of present employees, management and business culture". This essay will investigate how culture plays a role in the organisations overall success.In addressing the issue it will be shown how the external environment has changed in terms of how organisations are evaluated. How changing an organisation's culture can help the organisation be in fit with the external environment and how the success of changing culture may depend on the level of employee moral development. It is argued that the organisation's performance depends on a fit between the organisation and its external environment.BodyKey point 1: How the external environment has changed in terms of how organisations are evaluated.The external environment has changed with respect to how organisations are evaluated today. According to ( Samson and Daft, 2003:79) the external environment is "all elements existing outside the organisation's limitations that have the possibility to affect the organisation". Companies around the world have started to realise that investors are not concerned exclusively with financial performance (Tschopp, 2003). The days of companies being evaluated on their financial performance are gone and companies are now finding that they are being evaluated on a more overall perspective.Increasing the ethical obligations can help an organisation when adapting to the external environment. According to ( Samson and Daft, 2003:147) ethics is " the code of honourable principles and standards that governs the behaviours of an individual or group with respect to what is correct or incorrect." If ethics is incorporated as part of the organisation this can lead to improvements in the workplace and towards society. The triple bottom line approach has been introduced as a way of achieving overall success both internally and externally throughout the organisation.Triple bottom line entails reporting on economic, social, and environmental issues. Corporate success should be considered not just by the traditional financial bottom line, but also by its social/ethical and environmental performance ( Samson and Daft, 2003). Triple bottom line has not only put the emphasis on managers to not only make a profit but to also consider the surrounding external environment that they could be affecting. Businesses now report annually on social and environmental performance as...

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