Discuss Gender And Sexuality In Boys Don’t Cry

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Teena Brandon was 21 years old and was living in Nebraska in 1993. She suddenly didn?t want to be a girl anymore and she went for a haircut and moved to a small city in Nebraska, Fall City. Funny enough, she changed her name to Brandon Teena instead. Brandon portrayed herself as a cowboy and appealed to Lana. Brandon gathered much in a pub and met some friends there and they established pretty good relationships. Lena was infatuated with Brandon and was amazed with Brandon?s ability of knowing how to treat a woman nicely. Even though Lana realized that Brandon could be a woman, Lana still lingered on with this relationship. However, the event lead to a tragedy as Lana?s friends Tom and John could not tolerate such menace and they finally raped and murdered Brandon and therefore lead to a sad ending.The movie talked about a girl who refused her gender and portrayed as a boy and even had sex with other girls. Unfortunately, some other people in the society as Tom and John could not accept her perceptions of life and they supposed that one?s gender was innate that it was evil to deny it. This was the main argument in the movie that whether one should accept his or her gender naturally from birth or we had a freedom of choice. If we accept that Brandon actually had a freedom of choice for her own gender, there should not have the tragic episode at the final stage. Nevertheless, this should be classified as a social crises when there was no new norm to shelter and safeguard Brandon?s gender-blind or gender-ignorance behaviors.A positive gender thinker assumes and trades on what it takes to be apprehensible differentiation of human character by sex. On the other hand, critical gender thinkers urge us to withdraw from this kind of subjection. It moves in a conceptual space in which the relation between humanity or personhood on the one hand, and gender qualities on the other, is contingent, accidental and alterable. Brenda changed her sexuality mentally, but not physically, in order to enjoy love and caring others. There should not be anything immoral for her motives.However, the males might view that she is not playing her role in the society as a woman who was destined to accept males? love and caring or to arouse frustrations.Gender is defined as an external encrustation on humanity like sex-role rather than as qualification of humanity itself. Gender is culturally ascribed as ?biological notions about masculinity and femininity?.Basically, I agree with the viewpoint that we are not aware of our own gender during our childhood. We are not born with the perceptions of gender difference as many naturalists claim.In the traditional psychoanalytic view, when sexual difference is first seen, it has self-evident value. A girl who perceives her lacking of penis knows instantly she needs one, and subsequently defines herself and her mother as lacking, inadequate and castrated and that implies they are inferior in the society. A boy, on the other hand,...

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