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"Discuss How Different Poets You Have Read Treat The Theme Of Death"

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This essay it is going to be a comparison between "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas and "Death Be No Proud" by John Donne."Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is about the poet telling his father not to die, and giving different examples of people that did not die easily, and, at the same time, list his father's qualities.It starts with the line that is also used as the tittle, "Do not go gentle into that good night". The word "gentle" immediately captures my attention. It is grammatically incorrect. The right word would have been gently. I can find many reasons of why the author decided to use "gentle". Maybe because gently sounds kind, happy and this feelings are ...view middle of the document...

Notice that the poem seems to become angrier. The words "good" and "gentle" are quite weak, and "burn" and "rave" have a higher intensity. I highlight the word seems because of the words "Do not". These are not weak words, the d sound is strong and they also are the words that appear in the Ten Commandments. Then, why such weak words as "good" and "gentle go in the same line as "Do not"? The third line of the first stanza "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" is obviously a command to his father, as the entire stanza is. Maybe that is why he uses "Do not"; because it appears in the Ten Commandments so it gives a strong and authority tone to the stanza.The repetition of "rage" gives an idea of a violent emotion. We can say now, for sure, that the poem is becoming angrier.The second stanza starts with "Though wise men at their end know that dark is right" By "wise man", who is he referring to? Old man because they have experience?; philosophers? Maybe it refers to the three wise men and it brings religion up. The words ""¦dark is right" brings back the contradiction we found at the beginning of the poem with "good night". Is the poet, by this statement, admitting that death is good and natural? On the other hand, he might be bringing the religious concept of death and then going to heaven.The second and third lines "Because their words have forked no lightning, they Do not go gentle into that good night" it can be translated as because the "wise men" actions have had no impact or not as much impact as the "wise men" do not want, if they are not famous, or as famous as they want, to die. Another possibility is that their words did not spread as much as they wanted them to (because the words "forked lightning" gives the idea of a desire of spreading their ideas as much as possible). In my opinion, everyone is afraid that, when they die, eventually they will be forgotten. Intelligent people, as Einstein, Aristotle and Shakespeare are imperishable, and that is what the "wise men" try to accomplish, in other words, eternal life in people's memory.The third stanza begins with "good men, the last wave by, crying how bright their frail deeds might have dance in a green bay". "Good men" might mean priests and "frail deeds" their attempts to be good.The last line gives me the impression of standing on a precipice looking down to the sea. The word "dance" gives an idea of water moving. Generally, when you are looking at the sea from a distant place, you can realize that water is moving because of the flashes of light that reflects on the water. Maybe, what the author is trying to say is that if the "good men"¦deeds" did not reflected in people as light reflects in water, they feel unsatisfied, and they don't want to die."Rage, rage against the dying of the light" is the next line, and as "Do not"¦" did in the second stanza, it changes its meaning. (This continues all over the poem) Stanza four refers to "wild men". I like to think...

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