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Discuss How Meg Bateman And Sylvia Plath Explore The Experiences Of Motherhood In The Poems `to My `new Born Child` And `morning Song ` Discuss Ho

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‘Morning song` by Meg Bateman and `To my new-born child` by Sylvia Plath discuss their feelings towards their experiences of being mothers. It explores their connections and bonds towards their babies and how they develop throughout the poems.
The natural world plays a large part in the first stanza of the two poems. The use of sea and trees gives the impression they both preferred the idea of having natural landscapes. `Took its place among the elements`. Carrying on the idea of natural landscapes `elements` reveals the idea of nature considering the elements are water, earth plus fire and so on.
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The baby is shown love from complete strangers because it is so small and charming. The mother has now seen the two sides of being a mother and the happy things that come out of being a parent.
The relationship has grown significantly from what it started at. In `Morning song` there is one moment where the child and mother are truly close. `I wake to listen a far sea moves in my ear`. It really shows how a bond can grow between two people. The mother is relaxed and is watching her baby breathing making sure she is safe. It also comes back to that idea of nature from the word `sea`.
The two mothers both are quite anxious and over protective about their babies at the end of the poems. In `To my new-born child` the mother’s baby taught her to trust nevertheless it is hard to look after a baby but she loves and cherishes her baby now. `To trust in this age`. The mother is nervous about her baby and is scared of the modern world also could live in the town which will be loud and frightening. ‘Morning song` was the same quite nervous and very quick to check...

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