Discuss How One Can Learn To Read Faster, Saving Time To Read And Still Understand And Recall What They Have Read

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This essay will discuss how one can learn to read faster saving time to read and still understand and recall what they have read. The essay will give a brief description of McClelland and Rumelhart’s theory. McClelland and Rumelhart’s theory will then be used to explain how reading speed might be increased. Furthermore the theory and empirical research will be used to critically evaluate whether claims for increased reading speed are indeed valid. The essay will also explain the positive and negative practical implications of increased reading speed. Concluding, the essay will summarize major points identified in the essay.
McClelland and Rumelhart developed an early connectionist model of word recognition in written language. McClelland and Rumelhart explored models to account for word context effects on letter identification. The Interactive Activation Model of Context is an extension of competitive learning paradigm. McClelland and Rumelhart’s model consist of three different levels which contain processing units, each concerned with forming a representation of the input at different level of abstraction. Units are connected levels before and after them are connections each excitatory, making a destination unit more active and each inhibitory, weakening the activity.
Speed reading is just about reading faster, it allows one to stay knowledgeable in a very competitive industry with plenty of time to spare but most amazing part of speed reading is newly acquired ability to better comprehend and retain information while reading faster.
Huey (1908) postulated that reading can be thought of as an exercise. Claiming that as muscles if you exercise them regularly you will get stronger, so is the brain. It will get stronger as well if one reads regularly.
McClelland and Rumelhart’s model look at how the knowledge we have interact with the incoming information and how does this interaction facilitate perception.
The Interactive Activation Model of Context assumes that top down processing works simultaneously and in conjunction with bottom-up processing to provide sort of multiplicity of constraints that jointly determine what we perceive. Thus, for example one assumes that knowledge about the words of the language interacts with the incoming featural information in codetermining the nature and the time course of the perception of the letter in a word.
One can learn to read faster and still understand and remember what they have read using the network that has an arrangement called an architecture (………………….). McClelland and Rumelhart came up with the network system that can help one learn to read faster. The system is in three levels.
1. Is the Input level with visual feature units.
2. Is the Intermediate level where unit are individual letters.
3. Is the Output level where each unit is a word.
McClelland and Rumelhart supported their system saying that if the first letter in a word is “T” possible words might include every...

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