Discuss How The Characters Of Eddie, Beatrice And Catherine Contribute

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Discuss How the Characters Of Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine contribute
to the dramatic effects of A View From The Bridge

Character Studies

The various characteristics, including the flaws of the characters,
act as a great catalyst to the tragedy at hand throughout the play as
they portray and describe the characters’ emotion and thoughts towards
one another.


Catherine is a very naïve woman who has not really experienced much of
the world, but is eager to. She has grown up in a warm nurturing
environment and so has grown into a very innocent and open character.
Catherine expresses her innocence by the way she will say what she the
thinks without a moment of thought towards the consequences,
‘(wondrously) How come he’s so dark and you’re so light, Rodolfo?’ By
the tone Catherine uses she blatantly shows that she has some sort of
attraction to Rodolpho. Judging from the text in where Beatrice says
‘Was there ever any fella he liked for you? They’ we can see that
Catherine’s previous relationships have been prevented from going very
far most probably by Eddie. Catherine is therefore very inexperienced
with relationships and shows this in her not very subtle approach to
Rodolfo and how clearly known she makes her feelings for him.

It is most probable that due to Catherine’s naivety and immaturity
that she does not realise Eddie’s passionate feelings towards her. As
Surprisingly Catherine genuinely is unaware as to Eddie’s passionate
feelings for her, and therefore does not realise that his feelings
towards her have over-stepped the bounds of fatherly love. As
previously she did not believe that their relationship was anymore
than that of a father-daughter one, we can tell this by her horrified
reaction to Beatrice saying ‘ You want somethin’ else, Eddie, and you
can never have her!’.

We see that Catherine is very warm and compassionate, as even after
Eddie has rejected Rodolpho and hurt her feelings deeply, she still
finds it difficult to reject Eddie ‘you think it’s easy to turn around
and say to a man he’s nothin’ to you no more?’

During the beginning of the play Catherine is heavily influenced by
Eddies thoughts and feelings, as when he tells Catherine that she
shouldn’t take the job as a stenographer if he had not changed his
mind then it is most probable that Catherine would not have taken the
job. We also see the extent of Eddies influence over her when he tries
to persuade her not to marry Rodolfo, as she begins to doubt
Rodolpho’s motives for marrying her, we see know this by the
uncertainty in her voice, when Eddie tells her that ‘he’s only bowin’
to his passport.’ She says ‘I don’t think he’s even thinking about it’
and ‘Oh, no, Eddie, I don’t think so’.

However Catherine finally manages to overcome her doubt in Rodolpho
due to the deep trust that she has placed in him, as she gradually
distances herself from Eddie and draws Rodolpho closer. When Catherine
sleeps with...

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