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Discuss How The Study Of Comparative Culture May Be Of Value To International Business. Illustrate Your Answer With Examples

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In international business course has parallels in the culture of other countries. This culture is referring to the finer things in life, such as fine arts ,literature, philosophy and classical music. For anthropologists, however, the term culture has a broader meaning that goes far beyond purely personal refinement . With international business people can learn and know about the culture of other countries. In addition, businesses can be further extended to the countries that have chosen to take their business. For example, material objects, methods to obtain food, language, government regulation of marriage, and religious systems have been discovered and work in a culture when a child is ...view middle of the document...

"Mindset" that there will be a challenge in a clash of attitudes, expectations and communication styles. The stereotype is a generalization of a group of people, objects or events are broadly based on a culture. The information used to assess a person is limited as only referring to his own culture. For example, the Greeks typecast as a love cheat or steal the property of others.
In usually in the communication range of the group and outside the group. In the group is concerned with equality with others. Meanwhile, outside the group is concerned about the difference with others. Outside groups will add a cultural difference with others and influence the way they process information. Outside the communicator considers other as strangers that can not be trusted, not easy friend, a lot of it is unknown and not clever. Meanwhile, the group is just the opposite. Uncertainty and anxiety will affect the ability to process information as they ability communication results. They failed to pay attention to the means of communication in the process of obtaining the desired result. Examples of cultural differences. In the appointment Americans keep time and will avoid any disruption will affect their schedule. African people are the kind who do not put the time and do not need to make an appointment if wish to meet with someone. They are willing and accustomed to no interference and things that can not be anticipated. Here clearly show the clash of management styles between Americans and Africans. Communication style differences due to the different styles of personal exposure. For example, behavior, work and learn, money and personality. Examples of the differences between individualistic style personal exposure and collectivistic. The information can be shared between two society is different. Collectivistic society can share all about it with others. Individualistic society separate personal matters to work. Information about that can be shared with others is limited. When the individualistic meet people who practice the collectivistic will be a clash if they are about each other cultures.
There are ways to overcome obstacles to intercultural communication, so that international business will run smoothly and successfully. Communication barriers can be overcome by understanding the culture of others before interacting with it. Culture consists of language and behavior of other people's cultures. It is necessary to understand the concept of culture and related factors to improve the effectiveness of communication. With an understanding of the social culture will enable it to communicate more smoothly. Social culture is composed of perception, verbal and non-verbal process. Strategies to overcome the challenges of cross-cultural communication strategy consists of cognitive, affective and behavioral. Cognitive strategies is to increase the understanding of other people's cultures such as the internet or ask an experienced person. It should identify the...

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