‘Discuss How The Writer Of The Drama Text You Are Studying Presents The Character Of The Mother?’

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The theatre production, ‘Blood Brothers’, play script written by Willy Russell, published in 1986, is a tale set in 1950s-80s Liverpool following the story of two twin boys separated at birth; one stays with the mother and lives a council estate life whilst the other lives a lavish lifestyle with the mother’s ex boss, the two women lie, deceiving the world and hiding the truth till one destined night. The importance of the mother in the production is shown underneath the plot, but should be highly regarded as Russell manifested the subordinate views placed upon women in the 1950s&60s surrounding the society of western countries.

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Russell uses this to show that as a young mother, the expectations set by society were possibly too high and too much to expect of a young naive woman. The blame for the mothers unreasonable amount of pregnancies could be placed on the lack and nonexistent invention of contraception and abortion, however, with the idea being fictional at the time, there would be no case to be fought. Due to the pressure put on the husband to work harder and for longer hours to produce money for his increasing inadequate family, he took the easy way out: taking a woman who was, yet again,”Sexier than Marilyn Monroe,” leaving the mother pregnant for the seventh, and final time; the ideal woman in the 1950s did not work resulting in the mother abandoned, broke and with nine mouths to feed. The fault in their marriage came from the mother's inability to settle down and ratification to the bounding agreement along with expectations of a married 1950s woman whereas the change in the husbands attitudes concerning social and family lives denotes a lack of endearment towards his family. Illustrating this, Russell embellishes the harsh reality of marriages forced by the fear of ostracism and denigrate views and attitudes towards pregnant couples and their families namely, the ashamed parents of the couples.

It can be scene by the point above, that Russell relates the character of the mother to the iconic American actress, Marilyn Monroe. Obviously, the main comparison is the mothers looks compared to marilyn, by the husband. As stated before, being compared to someone like Marilyn was a huge accessory for a woman. To be regarded so ‘highly’ because of the captivation men undertook when she was on scene, the blatant envy of the women and the desire and idolism of Marilyn by teens of that era was just short of ‘living the dream’. This being because Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol laced with lust, the idea being that she could get just about whatever she wanted with the promotion of ‘curvy women’ alongside her inspiring quotes made...

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