Discuss How Varying Depictions Of Women In Art Reflect The Time And Place In Which The Artworks Were Created.

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Women in ArtDiscuss how Varying Depictions of Women in Art Reflect the Time and Place in which the Artworks were created.Art has depicted women in many ways, often reflecting the culture and experiences of the time. Radical movements in artworks themselves have often, also, fueled the change in perception of women. Art has been critical to the development of culture and has been a way to express ideas and emotions in a complex and picturesque way. Art works such as Summer time 1907 by Rupert Bunny, Margaret Olley 2011 by Ben Quilty and A view from an apartment 2004-05 by Jeff Wall depict women throughout time. These art works use different mediums to convey the theme and content of the artworks and also to reflect the culture at the time.The 1907 painting Summer time has been said to 'epitomise the leisured spirit of the Belle Époque', this show the passive, elegant nature of women in that time. The artist Rupert Bunny paints on a large scale and yet with pinpoint precision. The Australian artist, born Melbourne 1864, studied in both London and Paris, returning to Australia in the 1930's. Bunny was a distinguished artist for over 50 years, with many of his works on display in leading art galleries of the time, his art works going on tour throughout Europe and paintings collected by museums worldwide. This painting, Summer time, depicts the grand and luxurious life of Parisians during the 18th century. The lavishing clothes and tranquil nature of the painting shows Frances Belle Époque or 'beautiful era', a time of optimism, peace and prosperity, as well as new technological advances, all leading to a flourish of new artist and artworks emerging.The artist, Rupert Bunny, has approached the artwork with the intent to show the ideal women, in the eyes of men. Bunny uses many artistic signs and symbols within his work to represent topics, such as smell and time. The woman in the window, smelling a rose, is Bunny's own symbolism that is used in many of his paintings to convey smell. By doing this he visualises the senses of the audience that would, other wise, be unaware. Connecting to the audience, he yet again shows the pleasant time in which this paint is set. The several women, each at different stages of clothing, signify the passing of time, wishing that this joyous time would not end. The use of light and shade in this paint is to express the 'seen and unseen', our eyes are casted to the foremost woman, because she is directly in the light and yet she is also the most nude of all, representing the truth in nudity and nature, away from the masks of extravagant dresses.The depiction of women in the painting Summer time shows that of women careless of their surroundings, nude in front of open windows and lounging on the floor, draped in expensive clothing. The chaos of the paint; mirrors, windows and stairs, creates a narrative. In every area of the painting a woman can be seen, all completely separate from each other, with their own...

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