Discuss Some Of The Issues Raised In "An Inspector Cals" By Priestly

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Discuss some of the issues raised in 'An Inspector Calls' and show how Priestly expresses his own viewpoint in the play.The play is set in the1912 on an English street scene in the evening.The plot of 'An Inspector Calls' is about a police inspector who interrupts an elegant engagement dinner party to question the family and their guests about an unsuspected suicide of a young working-class girl called Eva Smith. There are many plot twists and changes which work well with the characters portrayed in Priestley's play. The play is set in an upper-class household where class distinctions are breaking down, where privilege and responsibility are being challenged by a devious so-called inspector Goole.The Inspector does a good job of making the family and friends of Mr Birling, (a wealthy factory owner) feel very guilty for contributing towards the death of Eva-Smith who also becomes known as Daisy Renton during the play. But Moral guilt is not the major issue put forward in the play. The major issue is that of how class-conscious England has been put forward in the play and how the Capitalist's and Socialist's are shown. Birling is a ruthless industrialist who worked extremely hard to make his money, and when he finally reaches the top his wealth and popularity is threatened by a suicide scandal.The characters are a mixture of Capitalist's and Socialist's, Mr Birling being a self made upper-class Capitalist, his wife also has great belief in the family name, and works hard to keep a good reputation for herself and her family. The secretive but most sympathetic of the Birling's is Eric their son, who has a great deal to do with the Suicide of Eva Smith. Eric's sister is Sheila who gets on well with Eric but seems rather spoilt. Another key member in the play is Sheila's fiancée Gerald Croft who is another wealthy industrialist, although Gerald has inherited his wealth unlike Birling.Each of these people in turn is implicated in Eva Smith's death. Priestley puts his hope and his beliefs in Sheila and Eric, whose consciences have not yet been destroyed by their rich mother and father.Priestly's modern equal class-consciousness is in evidence too, and a good example to show how the class difference really matters in Birling's household is how the Birling's treat the maid. She is always there for the family, for example during the late evening the family make reference to her when Gerald returns from his stroll. Mr Birling in a state of distress is angered when the doorbell rings and is extremely annoyed that he may have to answer the door. But the cold hearted Mrs Birling had told Edna to wait until the inspector had left just so that she could make the family a pot of tea.'Mrs Birling- No don't go I told Edna to wait up to make us some tea'When Edna returned with Gerald she was shown no gratitude. They show no respect for her.But just when you think the drama will end, it delivers further surprises. The play becomes more interesting and clear as...

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